Odds And Ends: The Call of Nature Edition

How was your weekend? Mine was great!

  •  Friday night, hubs and I went to hang out with Beautifully Complex, her fiance’ and his brother at Fedora Lounge. Little did we know that it turns into the club after 10pm complete with valet parking. In a strip shopping center.  Doing too much you say? We thought so too but a good time was had by all.
  • Saturday, we lounged around and had a hearty breakfast, then took a nap and then dragged oourselves from the couch to head to a baby shower for some friends of ours. We went, ate (really good baby shower food), cooed, oohed and ahhed and then made a break for it to go to the main event of the evening: Serious Cigars Customer Appreciation Event. Beautifully Complex’s fiancé is a diehard cigar buff and he invited us to come to this party that his cigar shop has every year. Free food, free open bar with top shelf likka and prize giveaways?? What’s NOT to love!! Here are a couple of pics from the party.
  • image

  • Sunday, I was lying in the bed resting quietly when Myron came in our bedroom and mentioned that he wanted to check out this restaurant that he’d saw on TV that morning. The place is called Lucille’s and we hit up their brunch. Here are some Instagram shots I took.
  • image


  • We’re family right? So we can share things with each other right? Good. Because I want to rap a taste about the middle of the night pee. Yes, THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT PEE. The MOTNP is when you are deep in the REM sleep and dreaming about the things you would do to Idris Elba (if you weren’t married) and the urge comes on so STRONG. Yet, you try to suppress the call of nature because you are in that good ass sleep and it’s Idris, yanno?? But the URGE defeats you and you stumble out of bed to the bathroom, in the dark but luckily since you are a girl, you just need to sit (provided that dude you live with has put the seat down) and you don’t need to cut on the light to harm your delicate eyes. So you do your business, stumble back to bed, poke your husband in the butt so he can move back over, lie down and get comfortable. And you can’t get back to sleep. MOTNP – I hate you.
  • That’s all I got! What’s going on with you?????

9 thoughts on “Odds And Ends: The Call of Nature Edition

  1. LMAO @ MOTNP, but I feel you! It has ruined perfectly good moments during slumber. I tell you! That Cigar party looked like it was nice. I would have loved attending something like that.

  2. That doggone MOTNP has RUINED sleep for me do you hear me??? RUINED!

  3. What a great weekend. My love’s brother is still talking about it !
    I read an article recently about that restaurant, the food looks really good. I will have to put it on my list.

    That MOTNP….has ruined many good dreams ! LOL

  4. We got lots of strip mall clubs like that that take themselves too seriously. How you gone have valet parking and you are right next to Citi Trends? GTFOH.

    About the MOTHNP. I will add another layer of complexity to that. Not only do I get up in the dark, but I dont even put my glasses on so I REALLY cant see a thing. Its a gamble but well worth it bc you always sleep better when you dont have to pee. Those are my words of wisdom for the day.

  5. You have officially slayed me with the acronym!! Hilarious. I don’t have a MOTNP. If I do, it’s because I took my BP meds too late and I’m peeing like a Russian race horse the entire day. Which I avoid doing so I don’t have a MOTNP.

    I absolutely LOATHE having my sleep interrupted so I have trained my body to not wake me up before morning to go pee. Thus far, it seems to be working, lol.

  6. That food looks scrumptious! I took it easy this weekend! Laid on my couch all day Saturday, until a friend has a VIP pass to see my “Shahs of Sunset” crush Mike. So I get up, get all dressed up, and wouldn’t you know, I don’t even get to see him!!! So after an hour, I went home. Yesterday, I went to a new church (I really like it) and then had lunch with a soror/friend. I should have washed some clothes or vacuumed or something in the midst of that, but it didn’t happen…I’m actually a little envious of your weekend! Seems like you had a blast! Oh, and the MOTNP…HATE it!

  7. Those chili biscuits have me salvating – you hear me? One of my older aunts used to make the biscuits and chili from scratch. Chile. Let me stop thinking about that. I can absolutely empathize with the MOTNP. It happens to me almost every night. I try to restrict my drinking after a certain hour but it doesn’t always help. I spent my weekend in Savannah where it was friggin 70 degrees one day and 60 the next. Crazy ass weather. My ex’s mother died so I went for the funeral. We stopped dating over 12 years ago but I have always been considered the unofficial daughter-in-law and his close friends became some of my closest friends so I have different “privileges”. This time was no different. I’m all in one of the family cars like a blood relative. So I spent most of Saturday explaining who I was and my connection to the family to the older people who forgot and the new friends my ex has made since the last time I’ve been down there. Then we all proceeded to drink – heavily – for about 8 hours. I’m pretty sure my liver is on the road somewhere on I-16.

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