What I’ve Read So Far – 2013

The Racketeer – John Grisham

Hell’s Corner – David Baldacci

The Innocent – David Baldacci

The Cleaner – Brett Battles

The Deceived – Brett Battles

Shadow of Betrayal  – Brett Battles

The Silenced – Brett Battles

The Destroyed – Brett Battles

The Collected – Brett Battles

Pretty Boy Problems – Michele Grant

The Fallen – Mark Terry

The Serpent’s Kiss – Mark Terry

Sins of the Father – Mark Terry

The Valley of Shadows – Mark Terry

The Hit – David Baldacci

Poe – Brett Battles/Robert Browne

The Instanbul Exchange (short story) – Adam Lebor

Damage Control – John Gilstrap

The Enraged – Brett Battles

The English Girl – Daniel Silva

High Treason – John Gilstrap


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