What I’m Reading This Week – 11/03/2014

I missed last week, so that means I have quite a few links to share today. If you like what I’m doing, I’d appreciate you sharing with your friends. Let’s get to it.

See you next week!

One thought on “What I’m Reading This Week – 11/03/2014

  1. Hey Lady, These thinks were awesome as usual. I so look forward to these posts each week.

    The profile on Ta-Nehisi was great. I am continuing to learn so much about his path, it is so unconventional.

    Girrrrl, that Houston Hip Hop book is in my Amazon cart as we speak LOL ! I heard about this book awhile ago & never got around to following up.

    I loved the Teddey Riley/Heavy D article too. I remember what a great producer Teddy Riley was back in the day. Still can’t believe Heavy is no longer here.

    That article on the housing crisis in San Francisco was so interesting. I am goinng to continue to research this issue.

    Man, I love me some T.I. !! He is just so honest & real to me. His intelligence to swag ratio has always impressed me.

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