Odds And Ends: The Graduate Edition


I had a really good weekend. Friday night Myron and I went to a friend’s birthday party who was turning 21 for the 25th time! LOL! Her home was decorated so pretty for the holidays so we got in a pic by the Christmas tree. This might need to go on a card!

Saturday I was on proud sister duty as I saw my big little brother graduate from college with his BS in Architecture!! I am so proud of him. He is a single dad of two (see the cheery faces below who were super excited to see daddy graduate) and though he had a few setbacks along the way, he didn’t give up and kept his eye on the prize. Now that he has that paper, he needs a job! Ya’ll hiring??


Here is my brother and my dad. That is one happy parent!


Here is me in proud sister mode. Say cheese!!


Other odds and ends that were on my mind –

  • The horrible tragedy that happened in Newtown, CT has been in my thoughts all weekend. I am not a parent but I was shocked and horrified to watch the terror on the news and I hugged my niece and nephew a lot this past weekend and got lots of kisses. Parents should be able to send their kids to school without fear and I hope the President follows through on his words regarding taking steps to end mass violence like this.
  • The comments by ESPN commentator Rob Parker just prove that stupidity knows no color. I’m not sure I agree with him being suspended for being an asshole but being in the public eye often means you suffer the consequences of living in a society that allows for free speech.
  • What I am about to say is petty and I am almost 40 years old and should be beyond this, but I’m not and I don’t care. Last night, I posted a congratulatory message on a friend’s FB wall. I did so on purpose because I didn’t want to comment on her status and get a flood of notifications. Why did someone decide to comment on MY wall post to congratulate my friend???? Is it that much extra effort to comment on the gotdamn FB wall yourself?? Is it two mouse clicks more than you have the strength to make?? Ya’ll for real I was soooooooo ANNOYED. I have had that happen to me before and I was feeling particularly evil that day so I deleted my original post and re-typed it. Post your own damn message! It isn’t that hard! *woosah* *takes deep breaths* *lays down*

So how was your weekend?? 

11 thoughts on “Odds And Ends: The Graduate Edition

  1. LOVE the Christmas pic! It should indeed go in a card! CONGRATS to your brother! I understand that journey! I’m glad he stuck it out and made it through. Good for him! I’m LMAO @ you deleting your wall post and reposting it! I know EXACTLY how you feel. I’ve had that happen to me before and felt the same way. Post your own ish! LOL

  2. Y’all are so photogenic and happy looking, starting with your Daddy and just going on down the line. That’s great to see after thinking about those poor people in Conneticut.

  3. Congrats to your brother!

    Lol at your FB complaint! That would irk me too. But like Sassy said, Unfollow post is the best thing FB ever did with it’s life. I type a quick congrats, then immediately click that option. No annoying notifications.

  4. You had a great weekend! That’s definitely Christmas card material, very nice photo. Congrats to your brother, that’s awesome! Your niece and nephew are too cute!

    Praying for those families in Newtown, so very sad!

  5. You should definitely put the picture of you and Myron on a Christmas card!
    Yeah, I hate when random people comment on my post on a friend’s page; I don’t know you!
    I have purposefully not written about Newtown. It still seems surreal.

  6. That would be a nice Christmas card.

    I can’t stand when people start a whole ‘nother conversation in the comments section that’s not related to the FB status.

  7. You can unfollow a specific post now on Facebook so that you don’t get all those notifications. I do that all the time.

  8. Your niece looks like you.
    Congratulations to your brother!
    That is a nice pic of you two. It is Christmas card worthy!!
    I still can’t talk about the massacre of little children.

  9. I had the headache from hell all weekend. It all started Friday (and grew stronger) after hearing the news of those precious children and their protectors be massacred.

    LMAO @ your FB gangsta-ness!

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