Odds And Ends: Thursday Shit On My Mind

  • I saw Alicia Keys on the 12-12-12 concert last night. I absolutely cannot stand that “Girl On Fire” song. She sounds like she’s been gargling a vat full of formaldehyde!! Old home-wrecking ass (yeah I’m still mad, sue me).
  • I did some clean up on the social media accounts today, particularly Twitter. I’m tired of having folks who lurk and don’t ever want to interact. Block, delete, kiss my ass.
  • I was reading this blog post this morning and I totally agree. Stay out my pockets!!
  • Twitter helps keep me sane most days..thank you Twitter for your ratchetry.
  • I hulk smashed some Salisbury steak and mashed potatoes for lunch. Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve had MASHED POTATOES??? I think I cried a little bit.
  • Myron asked me what I wanted for Christmas. Like I said in my post from yesterday, I don’t know. I guess I’m definitely getting older because the material stuff definitely is starting to matter less and less.
  • I am addicted to my phone. Like seriously I am. And it’s starting to scare me. I wake up and reach for it first thing because it’s the alarm clock. The other night I was asleep and I heard it beep. I hit the power button and it was only at 14% and I got alarmed because I thought I’d forgotten to charge it. So I put in on the charger and laid back down to sleep. It beeped again and I kind of got the shakes because it wasn’t charging EVEN THOUGH IT WAS PLUGGED IN. I started panicking and thinking about how I was going to have to go to the AT&T store in the morning and cuss them the hell out  cause this phone is brand new and the damn battery should not be dying after a month. But I was scared to cut on the light cause Myron was asleep. I lay there in silence, in agony!!! Then, Myron rolled over to go make a pit stop. *Glory Hallelu* I clicked on my bedside lamp right quick to examine the device. I then looked down and saw that the charger was not plugged into the outlet. Like I said, I’m addicted. Ya’ll pray OK??
  • I will be the ONLY person in my group who will be at work the week of Christmas. THE ONLY PERSON. I’ll be watching a lot of Netflix and reading a lot of books that Wednesday-Friday.
  • I love my husband. He is the absolute freaking best thing that has ever happened to me.
  • Are you ready for some SCANDAL tonight???!!! #WhatTheHuck
  • I gotta staff meeting now. See ya’ll later.

8 thoughts on “Odds And Ends: Thursday Shit On My Mind

  1. I like Alicia Keys. Her voice isn’t the greatest but she tries REALLY hard.
    LOL at “hulk smashed some Salisbury steak and mashed potatoes for lunch”. I feel you on the carbs.
    Hubby’s are great – especially after a little time and seasoning.

  2. I absolutely HATE that song too! It is like stabbing my ears with an ice pick! and I totally get your phone addiction!

  3. That Alicia Keys has got to be one of the most annoying songs ever. Hated it!
    LG told me the other day I need to fast from my phone. She’s right. o_o
    Enjoy your “vacation!” I love when I’m the only one here.
    I couldn’t breathe while watching Scandal last night. Crazy…
    Yay for wonderful husbands who bless and enrich our lives 😉

  4. I’m going back to an alarm clock to avoid keeping my phone at my bedside. my sleep is suffering!

  5. LOL I feel you on the phone lol. *whispers* I’m the same way lol

  6. I don’t really care for Alicia either. Homewrecking is homewrecking. I’m amped for Scandal, but I’m getting tired of all these dang interruptions of it. Can we just get one whole season at once?

  7. I keep telling my husband that song is A Keys’ subtle way of telling us she has gonorrhea. Your phone addiction is bad, real bad Michael Jackson. I’m SO ready to see what Shonda and ’em came up with…now that’s an addiction.

  8. I’m cracking up at your phone addiction. I do understand it.

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