I Have Questions, You Have Answers: Round 8

One of my favorite parts of the New York Times to read, is a section called Sunday Routine. Famous and not so famous New Yorkers are interviewed about what they do on Sundays. It’s always interesting to see what people do to relax on the weekend.

So I really only have one question for you: What is your Sunday routine? Is it planned out or do you tend to play it by ear?? Does it vary depending on the season or time of year??


12 thoughts on “I Have Questions, You Have Answers: Round 8

  1. I’m usually just a bum on Sundays. Catch up on my DVR, get myself mentally ready for the work week, go to the pool and drink a bottle of wine, take naps. Ahhhh, Sundays are great!

  2. I usually play my Sundays by ear. I might go out to brunch with some friends in the morning. If not, I’ll usually (attempt to) sleep in. Once I’m up and functioning, I’ll hang out for a couple hours and do nothing. I’ll get up around 3 or 4 and head to the Market and Target to do my grocery shopping for the week. After this, I’ll come home prep salad ingredients for the week, make a small dinner and then settle into my Sunday Night shows.

  3. I love that section. I’m completely going to follow that now. Thanks for sharing!

    A couple Sundays a month, my husband has to be in another city on Monday morning so on those Sundays, we grab breakfast at this Jewish spot close by, hang out and talk over bagels, knish and potato pancakes until it’s time to drop him off at the airport or train station. When he’s gone, I either go visit with friends or do some shopping for a couple hours but I always try to be home by five or six. Then, I just hang out by myself. Clean out my Google Reader, wash and twist my hair if I feel like it, give myself a mani/pedi if I feel like it, watch a little TV, cook something light, read some. Before I go to bed, I usually spend 30 minutes to an hour checking my work email. I don’t usually respond to anything; I just like to know what I’m heading into.

    When he’s here, it’s usually pretty much the same except he’ll force me to get out if it’s not raining or super cold. So,we’ll go for a walk or workout together and then I go into my Sunday chillout routine.

  4. Rarely do I plan anything for Sunday…….so I pretty much plays things by ear and the time of year is certainly a factor.

  5. Sundays are reserved for doing as little as possible. Outside of grocery shopping, we rarely leave the house. We nap a lot though.

  6. We’re looking for a new church, but most Sunday’s we find somewhere to go. Afterwards coffee and donuts or some sort of treat (yes, I bribe my kids to go to church without complaining) come home, finish laundry, grocery shop, cook a meal or two, maybe go to the park, watch a little tv, go to bed. I try to do a little each weeknight so my weekends aren’t so hectic.

  7. If I decide to act like a responsible adult, Sundays are: Get up and go to Church 1 hour and out, to the Supermarket and BJ’s, home to cook a big Sunday dinner and another meat for during the week, wash-condition-twist-my hair, eat dinner, make our green smoothies for Monday, clean up, watch a program or two, bed at a decent hour.

    Reality Sundays of Summer: Hang out Friday night so that I’m tired on Saturday, run around doing Saturday stuff, visit family or drive to Philly, come home late Saturday night, over sleep on Sunday and miss Church, go to the supermarket in the afternoon, prep dinner, put it in the oven, wash-condition-twist my hair, eat dinner, make smoothies, clean up, try to watch a program while doing all of that, miss programs so try to watch the replay, stay up too late, wake up grouchy with wet hair on Monday! LOL…

  8. Sundays are the only day where HH and I are both off from work. Under normal circumstances, it would be a sleep in/chill around the house day. It’s also usually grocery shopping day. With tri training I have swimming from 12-2 so I am usually up and he sleeps in. Then depending on how much talking we do afterwards, I may not get home until 3:00.

    I spend my evenings prepping for work the next day and now we watch football. CH starts school next week so I’m sure he’ll be finishing up homework and getting himself ready for the school week.

  9. I have a gig that I go to one Sunday in a month, the rest of 3 Sundays-early mass (if school is out), I catch the morning shows (Meet the Press, Face the Nation and GPS by Zakaria) . Later in the evening I cook for the week.

  10. Sundays are relaxing, chill days for us. Church (usually) then we go home and chill hard. I nap, Smoochy and LG lay around watching TV. After Smoochy leaves, LG and I will watch a little TV, eat dinner, get our bags together for Monday and then the chilling continues until bedtime. Oh, and I do LG’s hair if I didn’t do it on Saturday.

    Occasionally we’ll go to the Children’s Museum, to a local baseball game or my in-laws will come over for dinner and a movie, but 99% of our Sundays are spent chillaxing.

  11. I honestly wish we had some kind of routine. Our activities change depending on our location (yesterday was spent driving back from MD), but I’d love to have some sort of plan.

  12. I typically like to do as little as possible on Sundays: Church, cook dinner and laze about for the rest of the day. Nine times out of ten I have been so busy during the week and Saturday that’s all I want to do is lay up!

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