It’s Trouble, Man..

I come up hard baby/and that ain’t cool/I didn’t make it sugar, playin’ by the rules/I come up hard baby, but now I’m fine/I’m shakin’ trouble sugar, movin’ down the line/I come up hard but that’s okay ‘Cause trouble man, don’t get in my way – Marvin Gaye, Lyrics from “Trouble Man”

My grandma used to stay that there was a “stirring in her spirit”. Some folks might say something just “doesn’t feel right”. For me, I’ve been walking around for the last few days humming the words to that Marvin Gaye song up at the top of this post.  My spirit is troubled.

We have men who believe that rape is legitimate.

We have children who get shot for wearing a hoodie in the wrong neighborhood.

And let me not forgot, handcuffed suspects mysteriously commit suicide.

There are those who want to take back America and suppress others right to the ballot.

I hate to be uninformed and go unplugged but it might be time to take a break from consuming all this negative media. Trying to keep up with it all is like drinking from a fire hose. It can get quite overwhelming. Just so much trouble, man.

Instead, I’ll just listen to Marvin sing:

One thought on “It’s Trouble, Man..

  1. Gut wrenching overwhelming and just down right WRONG! I hear ya Tiffany! And this is why I am usually tuned out. Even some of the stories that I get bits and pieces of on these internets, I refuse to delve into to get the fullness of them. The bits and pieces are sometimes MORE than enough. SMH

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