Odds And Ends: Hump Day Edition

  • I’m thinking about doing a vlog for ya’ll. Do I need to set up a YouTube channel and alla that? Do I have to wear make-up? Where is the best place to film a vlog in your house? As you can see I have questions..lots of them.
  • Do you have the Songza app on your phone? This Essential Motown playlist is giving me ALL OF THE LIFE right now!
  • I’m eating cake right now at work. Don’t tell Myron.
  • I’ve been trying to get the energy up to do some real blogging instead of all these Odds and Ends random ass posts but every time I think of a topic I want to talk about, I forget it.
  • Cassandra at Cohab Chronicles links to this blog called Friday 5 for post ideas. I think I’m going to start using some of these prompts. I really want to write, it’s just sometimes the flesh is weak…and then it falls asleep.
  • Shit married people do: walk around the house singing the operatic version of “As Long As My B*tches Love Me” by Lil Wayne/Future/Drake. Said lyrics go like this:I’m on that good kush and alcohol/I got some down b*tches I can call
    I don’t know what I would do without y’all/I’mma ball til the day I fall
  • Yeah, we’re a bit ratchet and a whole lot of silly. But it was funny though! LMAO!!!
  • Are ya’ll watching House of Cards on NetFlix? That shit is crazy good!!!
  • We are history nuts so we are looking forward to watching The Bible and Vikings on the History Channel. March 3rd cant get here fast enough.
  • March 3rd is also my brother’s birthday. He’ll be 28. I feel really old now.  *sigh*
  • I normally look forward to the NBA All-Star games and skill challenges like the 3 Point Shoot Out and Slam Dunk contests. They were absolutely horrible this year. And I didn’t even bother to watch the actual All Star game. I did turn back long enough to see Alicia Keys crash and burn. That was vindication enough. 🙂
  • How does a grown man slap a toddler on a plane, call the kid a racial slur, and be able to walk off the plane under his own power?? Shouldn’t there be dismemberment involved?
  • I have eaten ALL this cake and drunk some punch. I really need a nap now.
  • That’s all I got for a Wednesday afternoon. What are ya’ll doing??

7 thoughts on “Odds And Ends: Hump Day Edition

  1. Love the new blog TIH! 🙂

  2. I gave the mom a pass because I figured she didn’t hit him because she was tending to her child. But I would think another passenger would have been incensed enough to jack him up.

  3. I want to do a Vlog, but seeing as I’ve never done it either, I will await the answers to your questions!

    I just installed Songza on my iPhone! Take that! Take that! LOL

    I’m going to check out the Friday 5, I just had to make myself blog today

    I’m the ratchet one regarding music in my marriage, but I normally will see that man with my Rick Ross in hand, although he tries to talk about me.

  4. I love the blog prompts. I have hit a lull myself, so I should probably find one and get to writing. LOL

    I had brownies at work. Several. Don’t tell HH.

    IDK how that fool walked off that plane, either.

  5. Had that happened to me on the plane I would have been arrested for sure. No way someone would touch my child and I don’t start swinging.

    I usually at least put on some powder before doing a Vlog so I don’t look greasy, but not full makeup. If I have on makeup it’s because I already had it on.

    I need some writing prompts too, let me check out that link.


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