The Death of Common Sense

Common sense is dead, and it’s been replaced by willful ignorance and laziness.

We ask the opinions of others all the time. Just the other day on Facebook I asked my friends where would be the best place to find an out of stock lipstick I’ve been trying to find. We ask for recommendations for movies, music, or the best place to get school clothes for our kids. To me that’s information gathering so you can make an informed decision.

I see the death of common sense when complete strangers write questions to another complete stranger asking about oral s.e.x on a Formspring page or write into a blogger about whether they should stay in an obviously bad relationship. I don’t understand. I don’t get it. There are much better resources that could be consulted for SERIOUS life issues, as opposed to some random person on the internet.

Reading twitter and FB yesterday in reference to the Troy Davis case made me realize how intellectually lazy people are. (I guess I really shouldn’t be shocked, but I was. Didn’t GI Joe say knowing was half the battle????) The internet is going nuts and folks are STILL asking who Troy Davis is?? I don’t claim to know everything about every single news event but Mr. Google is one of my very best friends for a reason. In fact, I’m a nosey curious person by nature. If I hear about/read about a topic on that’s being discussed, I’ll often go off on my own and do a little research on it before even offering an opinion on it. I might be wrong, but at least I tried to sound intelligent and add some value to the discussion. If I am truly stumped on a topic, I will try to seek out an SME (subject matter expert). There are plenty of folks around me who are extremely well versed in an area and can educate me.

I can’t say it’s an age thing and blame it on inexperienced 20 somethings who don’t really know shit, because that isn’t true. There are a whole lot of ignorant ass late 30 somethings running around half cocked as well, armed with wrong opinions. However, everyone is entitled to theirs, right???

Seems a lot of folks revel in being permanently stuck on stupid.

How depressing.

10 thoughts on “The Death of Common Sense

  1. There is theory about how people will tell a total stranger sitting on the bus next to them their personal business versus telling family and friends. Its the same way with blogs and online advice columns some people feel they can be anonymous.
    To certain degree the internet has made some people lazy they don’t want to take the time to try and figure something out, instead they want the answer right away.

  2. I poured a little liquor for common sense a long, long time ago.

  3. Yes…we are lazy. Its easier to just ask then to exert the effort and finding out yourself. Google is awesome and answers every question…BUT its easier for someone to tell you.

    I manage a team of 9 and about half of them are under 30. They ask me so many questions! When I answer, I make them feel dumb for asking. And yes, I am that b*tchy manager!

  4. If common sense was sold in the supermarket, most folks still wouldn’t have it or know where to get it.

  5. It absolutely drives me crazy when people refuse to research. It’s one thing to ask for resources and suggestions (your lipstick example, people’s experience with different types of phones, etc), but when you’re asking me for a phone number, I have problems. I refuse to give people information like that when they are totally capable of looking the ish up themselves. And I refuse to give people information when they are emailing me asking. One chick emailed a yahoogroup yesterday asking about the Troy Davis case. Her ass could have spent some time on CNN and found out some info in the time it took her to craft her poorly written email. *long sigh*

  6. common sense aint all that common!!!

  7. I think those people have always existed, it’s just that now almost everyone has access to the Internet, therefore theses types of individuals are more visible than ever before, thanks to sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and yes …. blogs. About six months ago my husband and I were speaking with a guy that made a profound comment, he said now that Metro PCS and other pre-paid cellular services offers smartphones, anybody can get on Internet. lol!

  8. You speak nothing but the truth!

  9. *warning – I’m bout to rant in your comments TIH*

    Ok, the whole “I need advice on every single decision I make in my life” thing drives me insane. I wrote about it here: Too many people are afraid to just TRY something & see how it goes. And then some people are just naturally passive & followers & have no clue how to make a decision & need to have someone direct every detail of their life. Sad existence.

    As for the lack of common sense…I went in on this last night. Folks are purposely ignorant & enjoy being that way & it drives me insane. I thank God that I had parents that forced my siblings & I to learn how to think critically, to research/investigate topics on our own & come to our own conclusions. Way too many folks out here just regurgitate something they’ve heard without even checking to make sure it’s correct information!

  10. I also think as a society we’re becoming lazy.

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