Shot of the aquarium pyramid...

Saturday afternoon, Myron and I took a hour drive down Interstate 45 South to Galveston, TX, an island right off the coast. I’d been wanting to the see the Bodies Revealed exhibit at Moody Gardens. Moody Gardens also has a hotel-resort, a water park on premises, an aquarium and  an indoor rainforest.


Below are some shots I took with my cell phone of the view of the bay and the grounds at Moody Gardens.



Here is a shot I snuck at the Bodies Review exhibit. I was living dangerously as you weren’t supposed to be taking pics!


Here is my cute hubs!! Look at that reluctant smile!


There are tons of beautiful flowers in bloom. Spring time in Texas is gorgeous! The weather was a wonderful 85 degrees with a nice breeze coming off the bay. We are enjoying it now. By May it will be scorching!




This cockatoo was eating a snack and wasn’t being that cooperative for my pictures but I finally got one.


After all that sightseeing, we got a recommendation from Beautifully Complex and decided to check out the Black Pearl Oyster Bar and Grille.

I started out with two huge crabcakes! They were so good and full of meat.image

My entree was Shrimp Diablo over rice and it did have a kick!

I forgot to get a shot of Myron’s dozen oysters on the half shell. He loves them.


Myron’s entree was blackened shrimp, crawfish and squid over rice. It was pretty tasty. We will definitely be going back to the Black Pearl.


We grabbed some blue crabs on the way home to cook on Sunday, but they all died overnight. I think it was too hot in the garage for them. We went back to the fish market for some fresh ones, though. My husband was determined to get him some crabs!


All in all, we had a fun Saturday. Day trips are nice!


3 thoughts on “Daytripping

  1. Have yet to make it to Galveston but sounds like a great day trip! LMAO @ you sneaking a pic of the Bodies exhibit – I saw it a few years back in Vegas. Yum @ blue crabs…you know how we do here in the DMW 😉

  2. Looks like it was a great day for a road trip. I’ll be glad when the weather starts to cooperate here in the DMV. 80 one day and 50 the next. Can’t figure out what to wear to work everyday.

    Since I only eat seafood now, I really felt like jumping into the pictures of all of your food. YUM!

  3. So glad you two enjoyed the food !
    I haven’t been to Moody Gardens in several years. I see that have done a lot of enhancements.

    I can’t believe all the crabs died LMAO……uh, but it was kinda hot this weekend.
    Perfect weather for a trip to Galveston.

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