Inspired by Babs

 My husband gently suggested forced me that I cook last night.  I couldn’t think of anything I particularly wanted but then I thought of Babs! She had a recipe (this one here: I’d wanted to tackle since last year. (Yes, I know..that long ago.)


Ingredients: minced garlic, chicken, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, marinara sauce, egg roll wrappers (had to get them from the Vietnamese grocery store around the corner), herb paste


Some of my eggrolls I am not a good egg roll roller. So they look more like little pockets.


This shit right tha TRUTH!!! I was eating it right off the spoon. OMG!!!


Strawberries were on sale at the store, so they got tossed right into my salad.


The end result. Damn, they were good!

Thanks Babs!!!


7 thoughts on “Inspired by Babs

  1. hhmmm…..might make this for dinner since it will only be 2 of us tonight. I hope my krog.e.r has the herb paste.

  2. Dang, it’s been a minute since I made those. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Hot.NESS!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Looks good!

    The first and only time I tried to make egg rolls they were GIGANTIC. LOL!!! I got the rolling part down but I didn’t realize that you are only supposed to put a small amount inside.

  5. That looks good! I’m going to have to try it! #hungry

  6. ok that looks SUPERB. #hungry

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