Where Ever You Go, There You Are….

You CAN be too connected!

…and nobody really cares but you. Seriously.

I wholeheartedly embrace technology. Really I do. I have a FB acccount, a Twitter account and a blog. I have a laptop, a BlackBerry, and a Nook Color e-reader. My husband has an Xbox with a Kinect and we stream movies on it via NetFlix. We are very much plugged into the Matrix. Red pill, blue pill..all that good stuff.

But there is part of the tech train that I just can’t get onboard and that is the location based social media that seems to be so popular these days. I don’t really do FB Places, Foursquare gives me the creeps and I don’t plan on geo-tagging every tweet I send with my location. Can’t do it.

I know with FourSquare you are supposed to win prizes and get discounts for dethroned the previous mayor of said random business but hell that’s just to much work. I can barely remember my name. I’ll pass.

And why are ya’ll using FB Places to check in at home?? What’s the effing logic in that?? I was reading my timeline last night around midnight and one of my FB friends had checked in at home, which in turn listed her apartment complex. She is a single woman. Did I mention she did this around midnight??? WTF??  Obviously some one else had my same thought process because they asked her, “Are you really putting this on blast all over FB??” I wish I would have been on my laptop to like her comment.

And that’s probably my biggest issue with all of this location based stuff. I think we get lulled into a false sense of security and let down our guards. There are still crazy people out there. Craiglist killer, anyone??? Hell, there might be a crazy person on your FB friends list and you don’t know it.

I know that the information that you put out there on the internet is forever, but that’s why folks have online handles or blog anon (at least semi-anon). That’s why my tweets are protected and my FB page is locked up tighter than Ft. Knox.  I can’t have control over every aspect of my online activities, but the things I can control I’m locking up tighter than a gnat’s asshole. I’m not paranoid but I think you can limit your exposure. I think that’s being safe AND smart.

And really, I don’t care that  you stopped at Target on the way home from work. Trust me on this. 

Are you concerned about your online footprint? Let me know in the comments.

22 thoughts on “Where Ever You Go, There You Are….

  1. Hey there lady. This is my first visit to your site and I’m a little in love with your blog.


    Not a fan of those sites either (although this may have more to do with the fact that I’m quite boring and don’t go anywhere, but that’s beside the point).

    And I think I’m the last human on earth not to be on Twitter. I actually tried one day a few weeks ago and lasted a 1/2 hour before shutting down my account out of confusion. I’m 26 going on 90.

  2. I’m sooooooo with you on this one. I find it kinda creepy.

  3. I had no idea FB has a check-in. I was on Foursquare for about 2 weeks. I just lost interest in it. And I never posted my every move.

  4. well, i didnt know about these other (foursquare, etc) applications…i guess i’m behind the times and thats fine with me.

  5. That’s interesting. I didn’t know Facebook even had a check-in feature.

  6. I don’t have my Twitter or FB pages locked because I use them as a marketing tool for work (not to mention connecting with former players…I’m a coach).

    But on FB, I have my pics protected (only people I’ve selected can see them) and I’ve turned Places off…and my friends can’t check me in either.

    Gotta work your “settings” people!

  7. Do you have the FB BB app? You should be able to like statuses from there.

    Anyhoo, some people are just attention whores and they think we have a far greater interest in their lives then we actually do. I have one FB friend who checks in every damn where- home, gym, bofa, rite-aid, target, savons, vegas. Really? You can truly pinpoint anyone’s whereabouts. It’s not that serious and if I was going to rob you I would pick the most opportune time.

    I can see a Saturday night checking in at a cool new spot or a restaurant and talking about the food or rating the place. Other than that, it’s far too much info for the net.

  8. I’m not interesting in clocking in AT ALL, anywhere. I feel like all of that typing kind of takes away from my living.

  9. Thank you! I call it the “I’m not home, please rob my house” app. I just don’t get it. I made sure neither D or I put anything on FB around our wedding too.

    Friends who were recently married did the same thing on their status(es) “Leaving for Aruba… Honeymooooon”. Um, are you serious? Why don’t you just tell everyone “We just got married and there’s tons of cash & checks and lots of expensive presents in our house. Oh & we won’t be home for over a week so feel free!”

  10. I used foursquare on twitter but not on FB. I don’t use it at all now.
    But checking in at home? Nahhhh that’s a BIT much.

  11. I don’t use FB places or FourSquare. I don’t go anywhere that exciting and like you, I am not about to be lulled into the false sense of security.

    I worry about my online footprint b/c I am trudging down that path of being a lawyer and every aspect of life is scrutinized. I reduced my FB friend list, utilize LinkedIn for professional connecting and keep Twitter on lock. Most folks don’t even know I blog. That’s on a need-to-know basis.

    Watch Catfish. It’s about social networking and our false sense of security.

  12. My husband and I both use FB places. If we are “somewhere of interest” we usually check in, and post a picture or two. But, were kind of strange like that anyway. 🙂 Like some of the other readers commented, we both have our pages locked down.

  13. First, thank you for explaining the point of Facebook and checking in. People need to be careful about giving out too much information. I remember, I once wanted to create a Facebook event for a few friends. When I realized my address was linked to Google Earth I deleted it. It was scary seeing the exact location of my building.

  14. I wish someone would stalk me!! That sounds like such a fun blog to write!

    I kid.

    But really – I’ll check in on fb sometimes, but I’m not scared of much in this world…and I’m especially not scared of any of my fb friends. With the exception of like 3 of you blog women (and 3 of my Ex-Husband’s relatives in Ghana who get excited seeing a white girl with their last name and befriend me) I know everyone on my friend list well and have for some time. I don’t befriend men I date on fb and I don’t accept anyone I’m not connected to in some way.

  15. I am barely adept technology wise. If my kids don’t show me how to do it I’m in trouble! Never understood 4square, it does sound creepy so I’m good!

  16. I so agree! People just don’t think!

  17. You have seen my phone. ‘Nuff said. LOL

  18. I’ve been saying the same thing for a while now. It is nobody’s business but my husband’s where I am 24/7. And it’s nobody else’s business where my husband is 24/7 other than me.

  19. I stopped using FourSquare however I do use FB Check-Ins. My reasons? The same reason that you described in your post–I am always connected and my FB is locked up tight however, I get at least 10 text messages per day from my husband, family, and friends that are on FB that say, “Where are you?”
    I have two FB Friends that go to the same gym as I do and they check FB religiously so when I check in at the gym, one or both of them usually joins me in a few. If I check in at Target, I often get a text or inbox message telling me that such and such in such department is on clearance. This beats talking to a friend later who says, “Man i wish i wouldve known you were at Target. Such and such is on clearance.”
    If I check in at PF Chang’s, I may get a text that suggests that I try such and such or order such off-menu.
    In short, just as I am digitally connected, my friends and fam on FB are too and it opens up a whole new measure of communicating.
    The Craigslost killer and other crazies? I have a registered Model 19 Glock that rides shotgun with me

  20. I had FourSquare and then I realized I didn’t want folks know my each and every move so I deleted it and moved on.

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