On Blast

Today’s post is going to be a two-fer because the scenario has two parts. Walk with me on this…

A group of girlfriends have gotten together to catch up over the holidays for dinner and drinks. Friend A has gotten a new Android phone and Friend B is messing around with the new phone, looking at all the cool features and whatnot. Suddenly the phone rings. The person’s name comes up on the display (it is a guy because Friend A is single) and Friend B loudly announces: “Who is X (dude’s name)? How come we haven’t heard about him??” to everyone present in the room before Friend A can get to the phone and send the call to voicemail.

Are you amused or annoyed???

(Come back a little later on for the second part of this scenario, which has much more meat and has to do with Friend A)


23 thoughts on “On Blast

  1. Annoyed as shit and she would get a B’What!

  2. If you dont want someone seeing random txt, calls or pic or anything that might happen while someone OTHER THAN YOU has possession of YOUR PHONE then don’t let people hold your phone…and thus dont get all bent out of shape when you get questioned about it. Get your phone back and play it off. Next time let them test the features at the store.

  3. That’s totally rude. I’m annoyed.

  4. Am I annoyed? Yep.

  5. I wouldn’t care. As a matter of fact, I’d be surprised if she didn’t. But my friends and I are all up in each other’s business like that. I wouldn’t give someone that wasn’t close to me access to my phone like that.

  6. If we were drinking I wouldn’t be annoyed. If we weren’t, I would be annoyed.

  7. It would depend on my attitude and if the person was really a friend or an aquaintance. If I was annoyed I wouldn’t get indignant. I would probably say “stop being nosy and mind yours”.

  8. I’d be seriously ticked off, enough to stop dealing with the person for a while. Friend B’s behavior was uncalled for, guy or not.

  9. Knowing the few girlfriends that I have, I wouldn’t be annoyed. We have that type of relationship.We wold probably joke with her about not telling us, but the jokes would probably end there.

  10. A mature friend would have respected her privacy and handed her the phone back once it rang.

  11. Sometimes folks are so NOSEY even they can’t control it. Her mouth obviously works faster than her brain. As long as it wasn’t a toxic person making the announcement to the world, I wouldn’t be upset at all.

  12. HIGHLY annoyed!!! What if the name is rare bells in the heads of others present?

  13. I would be very annoyed. I think that is rude as hell.

  14. If it were a friend I wouldn’t mind in the slightest. In fact, I’d kinda expect it.

  15. I’d be indifferent as well. Knowing how I roll, none of my friends would even expect to hear anything about someone unless we’d moved beyond just dating.

  16. I wouldn’t be annoyed. I’m sure it was said in jest if it was one of my friends.

  17. I’d definitely be annoyed. Don’t do that. That’s rude, because if you don’t know who he is, you don’t know who knows him at the table/in the room and maybe it’s some info I’d rather keep private. I should say, apparently so if you don’t know who he is!

  18. I’m annoyed. What are we in, high school?

  19. I wouldn’t be amused or annoyed. I would just be indifferent. I would snatch my phone out of her hands.

  20. I’m annoyed. And it’s obvious. I share details about my life when and if I’m ready. It’s not friend B’s business to tell to the entire room.

  21. Hell yeah I’m annoyed. Bc if I wanted you to know about whoever he is calling, then you’d know. To me looking thru someone’s phone is similar to snooping. I know she wasn’t looking thru the phone, but she doesn’t need to ask anybody about who is calling them.

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