The Day Before

Apparently, you are supposed to run around like a chicken with the head cut off trying to finish last minute errands, take your fiance to get his first mani/pedi, get ice chests for all the beer folks are gonna drink up at your reception, pick up the tux and find out his jacket still doesn’t fit so you have to go and get yet another one, and be so frantic that you annoy the shit out of your husband to be.

And the rehearsal dinner is at 4PM at your parent’s house.

That’s what the day before my wedding is looking like right about now.


9 thoughts on “The Day Before

  1. You’re married now so all that don’t even matter! Whoo hoo!


    WAHOOOO It’s your day.






  3. Woowoowoo u r so close!

  4. I hope by now (7:30) you’ve had a chance to exhale. Whatever will be, will be at this point. Relax and enjoy the ride!

  5. Just focus on the day after. And have fun tomorrow!

  6. And tomorrow is a new day. Take a moment to enjoy it and take it all in.

  7. I too am amazed that you found time to blog! Just breath and try to enjoy this. You’ll look back on this years from now and you’ll both laugh.

  8. It’s all worth it. Hang in there, “I do” is coming soon!

  9. Amazed that you found the time to share this with us with all that’s going on. LOL. Breath lady!

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