What I’m Reading This Week – 11/03/2014

I missed last week, so that means I have quite a few links to share today. If you like what I’m doing, I’d appreciate you sharing with your friends. Let’s get to it.

See you next week!

What I’m Reading This Week

It was stressful a work and I’ve been fighting off a cold but I still have managed to find some good links this week. Let’s get to it!


What I’m Reading This Week

  • Why the Tea Party is a modern day Confederate party.

  • The body in the street. Eloquent. Powerful.

  • Why Beyonce is kind of a big deal.

  • Profile of rapper Killer Mike, who has been making the rounds on cable TV news lately dropping much knowledge.

  • The family of Devaughn Darling, who died while playing football for Florida State still wait for answers.

  • On Chicago, race, segregation and the mayoral race.

  • Profile of Dorian Johnson, the witness to the Michael Brown murder.

  • This was fun. The stages of TV watching while black, as told by the Fresh Prince.

  • Love him or hate him, you gotta read this profile of Jerry Jones.

  • 3 NFL rookies find out their fates on cut down day (the day NFL teams finalize their 53 mean rosters for the season).

  • John Stewart is fed up with white folks: 


Today I didn’t do jackshit. And it was good.

I woke up at 8AM, headed to the bathroom and got back in the bed. I rolled over on my left side and scrolled through my twitter feed. I texted with a friend who had a really good date the night before. My husband came in to give me a good morning kiss and hop in the shower. Saturdays he gets his hair cut at 9AMish or so. He dressed and rolled out.

I sat upon my bed pillow and cut on the TV. I opened up my Chromebook to mess around on FB. I read the statuses of folks running around doing errands, working out, hauling kids here and there, and generally being productive. Yeah, no.

I fell back asleep.

I woke up when Myron came back home. He brought lunch home.

We ate, watched multiple episodes of Too Cute on Animal Planet. My cell rang. I went upstairs and cackled with my homegirl for an hour or so. Myron took a nap.

I got off the phone, came back downstairs, assumed my place on the short end of the sectional, and promptly fell back asleep. When I woke up it was dark. Myron had started dinner. I got up and did some laundry. He played Madden on the Xbox.

Then I started typing this blog. Now we’re watching videos on YouTube on the big TV.

I used to feel a bit guilty about not doing much on the weekends sometimes. Especially when it seems like everyone so busy, so over-scheduled, ripping and running around. Now I don’t. It was one of those Saturdays. And you need one like this every now and then.

Sometimes more than now and then.

Simply The Best

Zero To Hero didn’t have a writing prompt today so this one comes from the The Daily Post:

When and where do you do your best thinking? In the bathroom? While running? Just before bed, or first thing in the morning? On the bus? Why do you think that is?

I do my best thinking in the car. I cut the radio off and just let my mind wander. I also get a lot of praying done in the car. I don’t know why I started doing this but I noticed that I was falling asleep before I was saying my prayers at night so I started saying them in the car. I figured God didn’t care when I was praying but was more concerned about me praying at all. 

I think a lot in the shower too. I like my showers pretty hot so I just let the water run over me to relax and I just think. I think about things I need to get done, I think about the future, I think about what I can do to be a better wife and have a good marriage. I think about how I can be a better person. I think about the past too, good times and bad. 

I guess the best places to think and reflect are where it’s quiet and where I am alone. I tend to be a worrier, so taking an opportunity to think often helps to calm me down.

Philippians 4:6 – Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

Where do you do your best thinking???


Zero To Hero: What’s Your Name

My blog name is The Unemployed Bride. It’s pretty self explanatory. I got engaged in December 2009. I was working a contract job at ExxonMobil. A few days later, I found out that my contract would be wrapping up at the end of the year. Thus the unemployed bride was born. I got a job about 3 months later, but the name stuck! It kinda of sums up my sense of humor as well. Make lemons out of lemonade!

The View From Here – 2013

I think I stopped blogging in August. I turned 40 this year and though I was not depressed or despondent about doing so..I think I ran out of words. I felt like I didn’t have anything to talk about and the blogging mojo was gone. So I took a break…for about 5 months..LOL!

But the thing about writing is that it’s just like riding a bike, you never forget how, you just get back on and start pedaling.

2013, in retrospect, was better than 2012 (which totally sucked ass BTW). But it was just average, no razzle dazzle or pizazz, just kind of lackluster. I felt somewhat meh about this year, like I was just in a holding pattern so to speak. I don’t feel like I made the progress towards some of the goals I wanted to accomplish, so I plan to do a reset and attack them again in the new year.

I entered my third year of marriage in 2013 with my husband being in the hospital which was a scary reminder of our mortality. He’s a LOT better now thank God. Lifestyle changes are in process, slowly but surely. And my husband is still truly a blessing in my life. I am lucky to have married such a great guy.

I ended 2013 still working on a contract basis at my current gig but immensely grateful to have gainful steady employment and work at a company that treats me decently and doesn’t work me too hard. I’m still looking for the right opportunity on a full time basis, but I have a measure of comfort knowing that I have somewhere to go each weekday morning to earn a living.

My family is healthy, my niece and nephew are growing like weeds, and my brother found some gainful employment that suits him. They are happy which makes me happy. Many of my friends had personal triumphs this year such as new jobs, new homes, new marriages and new babies, which is always a good thing.

So more than anything, I’m grateful for being able to have a 2013. Some folks will not see this upcoming new year. And I look forward to 2014, where I have another chance to get it right. Another chance to go get my blessings and what God has for me.

With that being said, let’s do this. Allow me to re-introduce myself…

Believe The Hype

First off shout out to Mrs. H at The Weight of What’s Real for compiling a list of blog topics for us to post about!

Today’s topic: Famous landmark or place you’ve visited – did it live up to the hype?

The one place that I have visited that lived up to the hype and then some is the Grand Canyon. Myron and I visited it during our first anniversary trip in 2011. I know you’ve seen it in pictures or seen it on television but that truly does it no justice.

It is totally awe inspiring. To know that a river, cut a gorge into the earth that is over a mile deep and over a mile wide in some places is simply unbelievable.

There are various places that you can visit the Canyon, and the place we went to in Arizona (about a 2 hour drive from Vegas), is on the reservation of an Indian tribe who has lived there for centuries. And the tribe makes their money off the tourists that visit so I think that’s a total win. This is one of the things that makes living in the USA so great, all this natural beauty right within our borders!! You gotta get there and take your kids, if you have them.

Here are some pictures: