Roll Call

I know I haven’t been blogging long but I look at my stats and I am seeing certain posts get mad views. I have my regulars and I certainly thank ya’ll for visiting (and badgering me to blog for how long now?? LOL).

However, if you are new and just stumbled over here from the interwebs, would you say hello and let me know where you are from? If you’d like me to talk about anything at all, let me know that too.

The management appreciates your patronage!


Well I finally did it…

Hello my name is Tiffany, I live in Houston and I am getting married. I’m still pinching myself. Around this time in 2009, I never even thought that marriage would be in the cards for me, even though I wanted it. And here I am, gearing up to plan a wedding for September 2010.

I am engaged to a fantastic man named Myron. He is simply put, a gift from God, and more than I’d hoped for in a husband to be. I am a very lucky girl.

I hope to use this blog to capture some of my many thoughts about planning a wedding and more importantly, preparing for my marriage.

As you can tell I am unemployed right now and looking for a new gig and planning this wedding takes up most of my time. Since I am an older bride (I’m 36) certain things that would have been paramount a decade ago, just aren’t all that important anymore. I’m all about my man and this marriage and life after the one day of a wedding.

Join me won’t you??