Finding My Mojo

I’ve been trying to recalibrate since the wedding. Life is settling down after all the hectic wedding planning and fall is settling in. I don’t really like the fall and winter seasons. I find it harder to dress for it. I am much better in getting spring and summer ensembles together. And since all my clothes are extra tight right about now, I’m definitely not looking forward to sweater weather. I’m meditating on how to handle losing some weight but in the interim, I was reading Single Ma’s Fabulous Financials and she mentioned National Blog Posting Month and how the site puts up writing prompts daily. I think I am going to take some of them and use them to get my posting mojo back. I’ve been blogging steadily since February and I am struggling with how to re-position the blog, now that I don’t have a wedding to plan anymore. I still feel like I’m a bit of a blogger newbie to have the nerve to say I’m burned out, because I don’t really think it’s that. I just think I’m still trying find my voice.

So hang in there with me, OK?? I definitely appreciate my readers (and my lurkers, too!) 🙂

Re-Caps: Before the Ceremony

The day of the ceremony was pretty uneventful prior to the wedding. I stayed at my parents house the night before while Myron went home and went to hang out with his best man.

That morning I woke up, drunk some coffee and ate breakfast with the fam, got all cleaned up and waited for my stylist to arrive. Here’s a picture of the wedding hair. Let’s just say my stylist did wonders with a bag of Milky Way weave and about 50 hairpins!

I took the bun out the VERY next day! My head hurt!

Outside of the venue

Our sign!!

The set up

A word about the set up. There were 64 chairs set up chapel style and the rest of the guests were seated at the tables.  I had some anxiety about how it would look but it worked out great.  And the venue broke down the the swags and runners and set up the chairs and tables for my family and bridal party so seamlessly that I barely noticed it while we were taking pictures. By the time we were finished taking pics the tables on the floor were done and they were just waiting on us to get in place so that they could place the sweetheart table in front of us. So for those who may consider a ceremony/reception in the same room, I would suggest definitely giving it some thought. It worked very well for us. And it’s definitely a money saver.

Me peeking around the corner from the bridal changing area.

(Sorry for the blurriness. I told you they were personal photos! LOL!)

The groom getting all pinned up!

Next up: Ceremony pics!!!

The Day Before

Apparently, you are supposed to run around like a chicken with the head cut off trying to finish last minute errands, take your fiance to get his first mani/pedi, get ice chests for all the beer folks are gonna drink up at your reception, pick up the tux and find out his jacket still doesn’t fit so you have to go and get yet another one, and be so frantic that you annoy the shit out of your husband to be.

And the rehearsal dinner is at 4PM at your parent’s house.

That’s what the day before my wedding is looking like right about now.


I want these……. in a major lustful, sinful way.

But I don’t do well with shoes like this with the cut out vamp. I would have snatched it up if it had an ankle strap, though and then found the perfect red dress to wear with it!

Would you believe it’s made by Payless??? You can get it RIGHT HERE.

(Hat tip to Plumage for the link.)


I’ve never been a fan of a touch screen cell phone. I have nails and find it too difficult and frustrating to work with. I am a fan of what the iPhone can do and all the apps available but didn’t like the screen and the fact that I can’t take out the battery when I want to.

So I remain a BlackBerry loyalist. However, on August 12th this comes out:


A touchscreen with a keyboard!!

*cue loud squealing like a teenage girl*

What kind of phone do you have????


This is the beginning of my 37th year. It’s not a milestone birthday and it’s an odd number at that, but this is the year that it seems that it is finally coming together. Not just because I am getting married (and that certainly is a blessing and a bonus) but because I was SO depressed about turning 35 and turning 36 was a kind of coming out party. 37 seems to be year that folks don’t give an eff anymore. Or is that when you turn 40??? LOL!!!
I have always been pretty self aware but it took me a long time to fully get comfortable in my skin, and even though I have my own personal moments of self doubt, for the most part I’m doing OK. Life is pretty good. I am certainly very blessed with wonderful family, supportive friends and a loving fiance’ and I damn sure am not complaining about that!
And the best thing about being 37????
I’m grown.
That’s probably the best gift of all.