Hunker Down

I think that when humans are going through a period of stress, instinct kicks in. Our natural reaction is fight or flight. And thus, you will face your stress head on and fight through  it or you will do like I did, turn and run away and withdraw.

I probably talk about my work life a bit too much on this here blog. It’s been a stressful point in the almost 20 years (!!!) I’ve been in the corporate arena. I’ve made some choices early on that are starting to affect me now and because I am married now and have another person whose welfare I must consider, I’m a bit angry with myself. But that’s neither here nor there, at this point. God has blessed me yet again. My contract at my current plantation ends today and I start another one on Monday at a new plantation. But getting from point A to point B has been difficult this time. It has been stressful. I have been worried and my faith has taken a tremendous hit. My normally cheery personality has not been so cheery. It has affected me, it has affected my husband. He doesn’t like to see me upset, but at the same time he cannot carry my burdens for me. He can encourage me, but I also have to encourage myself.

And so I haven’t been writing, mainly because I haven’t had all that much to say. I’ve been hunkered down in my little hole in my mind, stressed out. When you are in your feelings, whatever it may be, it’s hard to see that it will pass. But it always does.

I blog because I like to get things out of my head and into a written format and to share a bit of my life with the people who read my small corner of the internet, because in a sense you are my online family. And while I like to put up pretty pictures, recipes and funny stories, it’s important to share, to some extent, that I am human and have my own personal struggles.  My struggle may not be your struggle, but no one person’s  issue is bigger or smaller than another else’s.

I would submit to you to not hunker down in the depths of your mind and wallow in your stuff. Talk to someone, get it on paper, cry it out, do what ever you need to do to make yourself whole again.

My coworker sent me this video one day when I was particularly in my feelings and sometimes I just have to put this bad boy on repeat:

Mary Mary – “Go Get It”

Don’t run away from whatever it is that you may be dealing with. Fight through it. You are going to come out the other side just fine. I promise. 🙂

(Shout out to Tazzee and Jeanine for checking on me.)

I’m Still Here

My life hasn’t had too many words as of late but perhaps the pictures can speak for me.

We had a very good Easter:


My mom and my niece in their Easter dresses.


Miss Chandler is missing some front teeth!


Happy Easter from the Macks!


Daddy’s little girl.

It’s spring time in Houston (FINALLY) and Lent is over so it’s time for crawfish!! We went to the Pearland Crawfish Festival this weekend.


Corn, potatoes and bugs..10 pounds worth!


Lots of ducks to win a prize.


The brothers Mack: middle, oldest, youngest.

And of course, everyone loves a Carnival!





Hopefully it’s warming up where you are!

A Family Affair

Yesterday, Myron was on FB and saw something his aunt posted about one of his family members which triggered a bit of internet sleuthing and ended up with him mapping out 3 generations of his family tree on The site is pretty slick, as it lets you view copies of public records such as draft cards, census reports and marriage rolls if they are available.

We spent a good portion of yesterday evening talking about what he’d found out such as:

  •  A female ancestor of his moved to the UK shortly after being emancipated from slavery.
  • A male ancestor fought in WW1 and we were able to see his draft card.
  • A great-great grandmother was married at least 3 times and we saw the various name changes on the census records
  • A great-great grandfather apparently fought on the side of the Confederacy!!!  He applied for a Confederate pension but was denied. Here’s a picture of the application.


And we haven’t even started mapping my side of the family yet. I’m excited to see what I find out. I’m going to have to call my mama and take good notes.

Do I have any amateur genealogists out there? Any tips for us??

Odds And Ends: Hump Day Edition

  • I’m thinking about doing a vlog for ya’ll. Do I need to set up a YouTube channel and alla that? Do I have to wear make-up? Where is the best place to film a vlog in your house? As you can see I have questions..lots of them.
  • Do you have the Songza app on your phone? This Essential Motown playlist is giving me ALL OF THE LIFE right now!
  • I’m eating cake right now at work. Don’t tell Myron.
  • I’ve been trying to get the energy up to do some real blogging instead of all these Odds and Ends random ass posts but every time I think of a topic I want to talk about, I forget it.
  • Cassandra at Cohab Chronicles links to this blog called Friday 5 for post ideas. I think I’m going to start using some of these prompts. I really want to write, it’s just sometimes the flesh is weak…and then it falls asleep.
  • Shit married people do: walk around the house singing the operatic version of “As Long As My B*tches Love Me” by Lil Wayne/Future/Drake. Said lyrics go like this:I’m on that good kush and alcohol/I got some down b*tches I can call
    I don’t know what I would do without y’all/I’mma ball til the day I fall
  • Yeah, we’re a bit ratchet and a whole lot of silly. But it was funny though! LMAO!!!
  • Are ya’ll watching House of Cards on NetFlix? That shit is crazy good!!!
  • We are history nuts so we are looking forward to watching The Bible and Vikings on the History Channel. March 3rd cant get here fast enough.
  • March 3rd is also my brother’s birthday. He’ll be 28. I feel really old now.  *sigh*
  • I normally look forward to the NBA All-Star games and skill challenges like the 3 Point Shoot Out and Slam Dunk contests. They were absolutely horrible this year. And I didn’t even bother to watch the actual All Star game. I did turn back long enough to see Alicia Keys crash and burn. That was vindication enough. 🙂
  • How does a grown man slap a toddler on a plane, call the kid a racial slur, and be able to walk off the plane under his own power?? Shouldn’t there be dismemberment involved?
  • I have eaten ALL this cake and drunk some punch. I really need a nap now.
  • That’s all I got for a Wednesday afternoon. What are ya’ll doing??

Odds And Ends: The Call of Nature Edition

How was your weekend? Mine was great!

  •  Friday night, hubs and I went to hang out with Beautifully Complex, her fiance’ and his brother at Fedora Lounge. Little did we know that it turns into the club after 10pm complete with valet parking. In a strip shopping center.  Doing too much you say? We thought so too but a good time was had by all.
  • Saturday, we lounged around and had a hearty breakfast, then took a nap and then dragged oourselves from the couch to head to a baby shower for some friends of ours. We went, ate (really good baby shower food), cooed, oohed and ahhed and then made a break for it to go to the main event of the evening: Serious Cigars Customer Appreciation Event. Beautifully Complex’s fiancé is a diehard cigar buff and he invited us to come to this party that his cigar shop has every year. Free food, free open bar with top shelf likka and prize giveaways?? What’s NOT to love!! Here are a couple of pics from the party.
  • image

  • Sunday, I was lying in the bed resting quietly when Myron came in our bedroom and mentioned that he wanted to check out this restaurant that he’d saw on TV that morning. The place is called Lucille’s and we hit up their brunch. Here are some Instagram shots I took.
  • image


  • We’re family right? So we can share things with each other right? Good. Because I want to rap a taste about the middle of the night pee. Yes, THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT PEE. The MOTNP is when you are deep in the REM sleep and dreaming about the things you would do to Idris Elba (if you weren’t married) and the urge comes on so STRONG. Yet, you try to suppress the call of nature because you are in that good ass sleep and it’s Idris, yanno?? But the URGE defeats you and you stumble out of bed to the bathroom, in the dark but luckily since you are a girl, you just need to sit (provided that dude you live with has put the seat down) and you don’t need to cut on the light to harm your delicate eyes. So you do your business, stumble back to bed, poke your husband in the butt so he can move back over, lie down and get comfortable. And you can’t get back to sleep. MOTNP – I hate you.
  • That’s all I got! What’s going on with you?????

Odds And Ends: The Tuesday Edition

  • I’m really wishing this recruiter would call me back about scheduling this second interview. I gave her dates and times I was available on Friday.
  • Myron and I were both sick as dogs about a week ago. Two sick married people in the house is no fun. We were both very stabby.
  • The weirdest thing about being sick (we both had upper respiratory crud) was that my ass hurt. Like I could barely walk hurt..pain all in the hip bones hurt. I started to break down and use Myron’s crutches. My booty is fine now though, thanks for asking.
  • The Z-Pack is your friend.
  • We finally saw Django Unchained this weekend. The scene with the Ku Klux Klan members arguing over the pillowcases…funniest shit ever. It got 2 thumbs up from the Macks. Next up for us: Zero Dark Thirty
  • Nerd Girl is hosting the book club over at her spot again this year. Since I was a lame and didn’t participate ANY last year, she made me pick the first book of 2013. We’ll be discussing on February 11th.
  • Taking hubs to a co-ed baby shower this weekend. THIS should be interesting.
  • Looking to go to Puerto Rico in the fall. I think the 52 week savings challenge will be the vacation fund.
  • We’re back in the gym tonight after an absence. Pray my strength I don’t pass out on the treadmill.
  • Myron cooked yesterday’s and today’s dinner last night. Today’s dinner is going to be SO good that I’ve been quietly seat twerking about it all day. What??? You don’t do the happy dance for good food? Just me? Oh.
  • I had a meeting with one of the managers that I support yesterday to make some changes to his financial model. Why hasn’t he sent them to me yet? Why do I have to chase down people who need me to do work for them? The joys of Corporate America.
  • I really wish I was independently wealthy.
  • That’s all I got, what’s going on with you??

Odds And Ends: The Graduate Edition


I had a really good weekend. Friday night Myron and I went to a friend’s birthday party who was turning 21 for the 25th time! LOL! Her home was decorated so pretty for the holidays so we got in a pic by the Christmas tree. This might need to go on a card!

Saturday I was on proud sister duty as I saw my big little brother graduate from college with his BS in Architecture!! I am so proud of him. He is a single dad of two (see the cheery faces below who were super excited to see daddy graduate) and though he had a few setbacks along the way, he didn’t give up and kept his eye on the prize. Now that he has that paper, he needs a job! Ya’ll hiring??


Here is my brother and my dad. That is one happy parent!


Here is me in proud sister mode. Say cheese!!


Other odds and ends that were on my mind –

  • The horrible tragedy that happened in Newtown, CT has been in my thoughts all weekend. I am not a parent but I was shocked and horrified to watch the terror on the news and I hugged my niece and nephew a lot this past weekend and got lots of kisses. Parents should be able to send their kids to school without fear and I hope the President follows through on his words regarding taking steps to end mass violence like this.
  • The comments by ESPN commentator Rob Parker just prove that stupidity knows no color. I’m not sure I agree with him being suspended for being an asshole but being in the public eye often means you suffer the consequences of living in a society that allows for free speech.
  • What I am about to say is petty and I am almost 40 years old and should be beyond this, but I’m not and I don’t care. Last night, I posted a congratulatory message on a friend’s FB wall. I did so on purpose because I didn’t want to comment on her status and get a flood of notifications. Why did someone decide to comment on MY wall post to congratulate my friend???? Is it that much extra effort to comment on the gotdamn FB wall yourself?? Is it two mouse clicks more than you have the strength to make?? Ya’ll for real I was soooooooo ANNOYED. I have had that happen to me before and I was feeling particularly evil that day so I deleted my original post and re-typed it. Post your own damn message! It isn’t that hard! *woosah* *takes deep breaths* *lays down*

So how was your weekend?? 

Odds And Ends: It’s Monday, Bishes!

  • How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good. We laid low on Friday and Myron whipped up a tasty curry chicken dish. Our house was smelling like an Indian restaurant all evening. I’ll have to snag the picture off his FB page to show you guys.
  • Saturday was a lot of sleeping. We woke up, ate French toast, fell asleep again, woke up and ran a few errands to pick up some shoes I’d ordered and hubs got an early Christmas present: a new Nexus 7 tablet. I’ve played with it a bit, I’ll try to have a full review up sometime this week.
  • Hung out with my BIL and my homegirl @CaliGirlED to watch some football yesterday and my Houston Texans are 11-1, baby! Bulls on Parade! My husband had a GREAT time and is currently at work drinking a LOT of water. 🙂
  • Got a pedicure yesterday. What’s the big deal you say? Well the fact is that I got BLUE TOE NAIL POLISH!!! LOL! Being that I am risk adverse and resistant to change from my normal pinks, red and oranges..going blue is a walk on the wild side. Hubs liked it too. Now green polish is probably a bit too much for my delicate sensibilities right now.
  • I decided I’m going to do some Christmas cards this year. I felt quite trifling after all the nice ones we got last year from folks. Hubs wants to take pictures but it’s December 3rd, I might need to get in where I fit in with these cards.
  • Does anyone out there use Amazon Prime? I signed up for it to get free shipping when I ordered a case for Myron’s tablet and you get 30 days free. Is it worth the $80 bucks per year??
  • Read this article on the NY Times site this morning and had a lot of say about it on Twitter –

College isn’t for everyone, but EYE cannot in good conscience suggest to a black/brown kid to skip college/trade school/military svc when the majority of our black/brown kids are already undereducated coming out of high school. Per the usual, the NYTimes article is written from a place of privilege and that’s annoying. The playing field for US that encourages entrepreneurship is still not level and the barriers to entry to run your own business for people of color are still very high. Not to say that it cannot be done because it is occurring, but right now if I had a kid, I’d be sending them to college.

That’s all I got this morning..what’s going on random with you?



At The Movies With The Macks: Skyfall/Lincoln

Hubs and I took in a couple of a flicks over the last few weekends in Skyfall, the 23rd installment of Sir Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007 and Lincoln, Steven Spielberg’s film about our 16th President.

Let’s start with Skyfall. I’ve always been a casual fan of the Bond series and really started to pay attention when Pierce Brosnan stepped into the role because I was a fan of the TV series Remington Steele when I was a kid and always found him to be super Rico Suave, even when he was kicking the ass of some villain. But since Daniel Craig took over the role with 2006’s Casino Royale and became the first blond Bond, I’ve been really paying some attention. Not only because Daniel Craig is sizzling HOT but because he brings a certain grittiness to the role of 007. Dare I say it…James Bond likes to get grimy and me likey quite a bit. At any rate, I looked forward to Skyfall and it did not disappoint.  There was less overall action (but there is a fantastic chase scene to kick off the movie) than Casino Royale or Quantum of Solace but the story line was more nuanced, as it took the viewer into the pasts of both M and 007  and even dared to query if 007 and his spycraft was outdated and passe’. Since this is the 50th anniversary of the Bond film series, the nods to the past were quite appropriate. The movie wraps up at Bond’s abandoned childhood home with a twist you won’t expect and I’ll leave with you that. This is a definite must see. Read a review from the LA Times here.


I have to admit that Myron wanted to see Lincoln more than I did, being that he is a big history buff in general and is interested in the Civil War specifically. Now don’t get scared and think this is a sprawling, epic (read boring and long) bio-pic about Lincoln’s entire life. It isn’t. Instead, Spielberg smartly chooses the 4 month period between January and April 1865 to frame the movie, when Lincoln, fresh off re-election attempts to get 2 big ticket items accomplished: end the Civil War and get the 13th Amendment passed, which would abolish slavery. Spielberg quite deftly weaves in several story lines such as the relationship between Lincoln and his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln who is grieving the loss of their son Willie, the tension between Lincoln and his oldest son Robert, who has been forbidden to join the Union Army, and the back room dealings that the Lincoln cabinet had to undertake to get the necessary votes (these scenes are some of the funniest of the film). Tommy Lee Jones is a straight up scene stealer as Rep. Thaddeus Stevens, an aging abolitionist and has a very interesting back story based on historical fact. Daniel Day-Lewis melts into character as Lincoln, down to the halting deliberate gait that he was known to have.

A comment related to the slavery story line: I noted a bit of discussion on my social media feeds about the lack of screen time given to the treatment of slaves in the movie. There is a notable opening scene where two black Union slaves speak with Lincoln and one dares to question the President about further rights for blacks and there are a few other scenes involving Lincoln’s house servants, who are both free people of color and his interaction with them, but to be fair this was not a movie expressly about slavery. It was first and foremost a film about trying to get the 13th Amendment ratified and the inner workings of Washington DC government at that time period. It’s a political movie that just happens to be tackling a difficult, soul wrenching topic. I think it’s done quite masterfully. This is a definitely a must see (in particular for older children and teens) and needs to be added to your DVD collection as well. Read the NY Times review here.

Are you planning to see Skyfall or Lincoln this holiday season? What other films are on your to be seen list?

Odds And Ends: The Monday Edition

What’s happening?? *in my TI voice*

How was ya’ll’s weekend? Mine was very busy and I am tired so I am happy to be at work, where it is slow and quiet so that I can rest up from it. LOL!

Let’s see, Friday morning I took a few hours off to go an interview for a perm gig. I ended up in the wrong building, hauled ass across the street to the right building, was late to the interview and then got in there and talked for 3 straight hours to 3 different people. That interview was painful and I’m sure I didn’t get that job but I will survive.

Friday evening started off a lot better. Hubs and I went on date to have dinner, see my baby daddy Daniel Craig in Skyfall and to have drinks at Dave and Buster’s with our favorite bartender, my BIL, Tony.

Saturday morning, we got up to run to the bank, run by the store and had lunch at our favorite Indian buffet then came back home to watch nap a little college footbal before our evening activities. As usual, we double booked ourselves for two birthday parties at the opposite ends of Houston. The first one was a 30th birthday party for Myron’s cousin. It was really fun, she had a craps and a blackjack dealer at her house and plenty of food and libations. We also got to see some cousins and their new baby. A time was being had by me but alas, it was time to make a move to the west side (yeyah yeah!) to the other party we’d be invited to. This party was for the birthday of the ghey guy who works at our neighborhood Kroger’s who we have struck up a friendship with. He’s actually a really a cool guy so we had to show our faces or else we’d never live it down. So we stopped by, had some drinks and were entertained by a 49 year old ghey dude in heels getting his boogie on to Whitney Houston. LOL! There’s never a dull moment when you roll with the Macks!

Sunday morning, we were up early (well 10 AM is early for me on Sundays), to get ready to go watch the hometown team, Houston Texans play the Jacksonville Jaguars at noon. We met my BIL at a sports bar and proceeded to see the Texans pull out a squeaker of a win. It shouldn’t have even been that close. After that, we had a fabulous ribeye dinner and got ready for the short work week.


And I still haven’t gotten my ingredients for my dish that I’m bring to my mom’s for Thanksgiving: my dear MIL’s sweet potato crunch. I suck, but I’m going to the store tonight, I promise!

So that was my weekend, how was yours? Big plans for the holiday??