Photo Bombed

I’ve never really talked about this but the only thing that was a real disappointment out of our wonderful wedding experience was our wedding photos.  I was excited about our photographer because I’ve known her for a number of years and she’s actually shot many of the weddings and family events of my sorors and family members (she shot both of my cousins weddings in 2007 and 2009). I didn’t think I could afford her, but she gave us a nice deal because we got married on a Sunday. I had a set list of shots that I provided to her but because the day of our wedding passed so quickly, I didn’t get some of the shots I wanted outside or some of the less posed shots. My ladviceto anyone getting married is to give the photographer your shot list and make SURE they follow it. The other thing I would have done that I didn’t do was do a formal bridal portrait. I regret not doing it now.

So I say all that to say that while the photos are very nice, to me they are just kind of blah and standard. They don’t have the fire and life I was hoping to capture. You can see examples of them here, in the photo books I made for my parents and in-laws.

Now here’s the real issue. Evidently photography wasn’t paying enough in a down economy so my photographer had to go a get a “real” 9-5 type gig. I’ve gotten my pictures back via CD already but part of our package includes a professional photo book with my choice of 100 pictures. I’ve not seen the photo book yet. I got married in September 2010…it’s damn near May 2011. I anticipated some delay around the holidays into the first of the year and I knew she had weddings ahead of ours but a friend of mine who also booked with her last April, just celebrated her 1st anniversary last WEEK and hasn’t gotten her photo book YET!! WDDDA???

When my friend and I contacted her in February 2011, she indicated she was working full-time and trying to fill in orders from past weddings on the weekends and she was just really swamped. OK then, I can be patient. I sent her an email last week and got no response at all this time. I’m about to charge it to the game. Suing her would take more time and money than it’s worth or we could spare. It’s not like we didn’t get anything. We got our pictures just not the photo book that was promised in the contract.

I’m at a loss at this point. Should I send a demand letter to her via certified mail? Should I try to (spend more money) to get a professionally bound photo book somewhere else?? Any and all suggestions are welcomed.

(I’m not linking to her website because I don’t want to give the impression that I’m endorsing her. In fact, I will not recommend to her to anyone else ever again. She’s decided to not book weddings in 2011 but is still doing portraiture and engagement shoots. Whatevs. :-/)

Re-Caps: The Ceremony

You know, it doesn’t really take all that long to get married. And having sat through wedding ceremonies that damn near felt like church, I kept that in mind when planning our ceremony. We thought about writing out some vows but time got away from us and the research I did online for examples seemed somewhat cheesy and just not who WE are. So in talking with my uncle, who was our officiant we decided to keep it simple..and short. However, several people commented that they appreciated the brevity of the ceremony, that they liked the music and they appreciated the message that my uncle shared in relation to marriage, in particular talking about how the man should be the leader in the marriage and how the woman is the support yet still remains equal.

But enough of my rambles and on with the pics!

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I suppose it had to happen.

Full bridal meltdown.

Last night.

Tears and the ugly face cry.

A combination of things led to the breakdown: stress, hormones, frustration (being caused by framily), worry.

I got hugs, kisses and reassurance.

I was told I will be a beautiful bride and then a beautiful wife.

I was told everything always works itself out for the good.

I was reminded that I am creating my OWN new family.

I reminded myself of why I am marrying HIM.

I am marrying him because he is AWESOME.

Thank you baby, I love you!

The Countdown Starts Today

The countdown to wedding day begins today.

We had a restful weekend. As you can see, we got our wedding license Friday. On Saturday, I got some creamy crack applied to my head and talked wedding hairstyles with my stylist and went to the grocery store. Sunday, we went to church, ate dinner at my parents and chilled at home napping and watching football.

There have been some minor annoyances along the way in terms of coordination of people, but I am trying to remain calm about it all. I am trying to remain centered on the fact that while I want to throw a good party for all of our guests, the main focus is marrying my sweetheart.

From what I understand, frazzled nerves come with the territory and I am, of course, human so I worry about judgment from other folks but if I have 1 guest show up on Sunday or 150, I’m still going to become Myron’s wife.

And then the party really begins! 🙂

With This Ring, Part 3

I had been wanting to get Myron another ring. I was browsing around Amazon last week and found this one.  I ordered it and it came in the mail over the weekend.  It’s looks similar to some of the ones I’ve posted about before and having the tungsten in silver tones as opposed to his other ring, gives him some versatility. He can switch his rings out whenever he wants to.  After all, grooms want to be fashionable, too! 🙂

Parental Follies

Feel his WRATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daddy-zilla has returned!!!!

Let me set the stage…..

I was on the phone with my mom last night getting an update on the myriad of RSVP stragglers that I have yet to hear from. (Sidebar: Black people…learn the meaning of the RSVP, gotdammit!!) My mom told me the name of a guest that had been invited and told me that the guest wanted to bring her daughter. I told her no, I couldn’t commit to that right now. Instant attitude from the mother.

Mama: “Well, why?? She just wants to bring her daughter. So and So (their friends who had a conflict) had to decline. That’s extra spaces  there.

Me: “Mama, I have people in those slots and Myron has about 10 groups of folks that I still haven’t heard back from. I need to get with FMIL about those folks.”

Mama: ” Well, I don’t understand why she just can’t come, you got space.”

Me: “Mama, I am not going to argue with you about this. I am not the only one getting married. Myron and his folks have invited guests too and I need to find out if they are coming before I commit to anymore folks from our side.”

Mama (still with much attitude): “Hmph!”

(voice mumbling in background)

Me: “Is that Daddy?? What is he saying??”

Mama (talking to my daddy in background): “You wanna talk to her?? Here!”

(Mother passes phone to Father)

Daddy (gets on phone rather petulantly):  “I don’t understand why none of our friends can come; they have supported you all your life! Your friends are coming, why can’t our friends come too!”

(Mother gets back on phone)

Me: “Did your husband just have a TANTRUM??????????? Mama, really…why are ya’ll acting up???”

Mama: “I’ll talk to you later..I gotta go. Bye.”

(end of phone call)

By this time I am pulled up to the gas station and I know I was looking bewildered as I got out of the car.

Ya’ll, my daddy is 60 YEARS OLD!!!!!! He is a grown man! And he cut up on that telephone!!!!

Needless to say, I HOWLED. I howled with laughter all the way home, getting out of the car and coming into the house. I howled as I walked up the stairs and as I told Myron the whole escapade.

Weddings really do bring out the crazy it seems, in more than just the bride!!!!

Why didn’t anyone tell me it was going to be this bad?????? LOL!!!!!!

On The Menu

I went to my food tasting Wednesday night and it went well. I had to fly solo since Myron was out of town and my mom couldn’t make it because her car was being serviced. But I persevered and had 3 entrees to taste all to myself!!!

Well let’s get right to it with the food!!!

Cajun Chicken with Crawfish Sauce and Scalloped Potatoes

Tilapia Filet with Ponchetrain Sauce (shrimp/artichokes) and Creamed Spinach

Sliced Sirloin with a peppercorn gravy, herbed garlic mashed potatoes, veggie medleyOverall, the food was pretty good. The quality is better than your standard hotel banquet food but it’s obviously not Michelin rated. And that’s OK. I don’t think anyone will go home hungry.

I wasn’t overly impressed with the beef dish. It looked like sliced brisket to me. I didn’t care for the scalloped potatoes at all. They were a little hard. The banquet manager encouraged comments so I noted that on my selection sheet. The chicken and fish were both good though the sauce on the fish was a little heavy. The creamed spinach was not good at all and did not look visually appealing.

So, I guess you are wonder what I ended up choosing, huh??


I ended picking the chicken dish, mashed potatoes and veggies. I didn’t pick the fish because Myron is not a huge fan of tilapia and because we are having a seafood appetizer. And you never know who doesn’t eat seafood. So I guess I played it a bit safe.

Our final menu will go something like this:


  • Deviled Eggs with Caviar
  • Spinach and Artichoke Dip
  • Shrimp Ceviche
  • Chicken Brochette
  • Honey Ham


  • Blackened Cajun chicken with crawfish sauce
  • Herbed Pork tenderloin carving station
  • Garlic mashed potatoes
  • Veggie medley

Our package comes with soda, raspberry tea, water and coffee. We are bringing in wine (a merlot and moscato) and beer.

Overall, I am happy with how the menu turned out. I am so glad that Myron gave his input, which was important because it’s his wedding too.

I guess we will see what folks think about it all on September 26th!!!


As I type this post, Myron should be getting ready to land in Vegas, with all his groomsmen, cousins, and brothers for his own special edition of……………………………wait for it, wait for it:

Let the foolery commence!!!

As for myself, I will enjoy 2 whole days of uninterrupted sleep, not being frozen by the A/C and not having to fight over the bed covers…LOL!!
I am also going to be doing my menu tasting today, so I will make sure I get some good snaps to show ya’ll as well.
If you are married, did you husband have some sort of bachelor party? Would you care if your fiance’ wanted one???