Odds And Ends: Memorial Day Weekend Edition

Hey ya’ll, what’s up? How was your holiday weekend? Of course it’s always too damn short. But hubs and I made the best of it anyway.

Saturday, we lazed around and had a very late and delicious brunch. Myron broke our very nice waffle iron and we had waffles, sausage and hash brown potatoes topped with cheese and sour cream. So that big meal deserved another epic nap and so an epic nap was taken!

We then got up and got dressed to head out to hang with a friend at a day party she was hosting, then left there to go to another friend’s crawfish boil. We stayed there for the rest of the evening, good eats (and drinks) were had by all.

Sunday, seems a slight hangover was acquired by yours truly so I slept a bit longer and then we got up to check out Hangover 3. It was funny, but underwhelming. Wait for the Redbox or Netflix for that one.

After the movie, we ran by the store so I could pick up the ingridients for the evening’s snack: Hot Crab Dip with Crostini. A very “savvy” Twitter friend shared the recipe with me.

Nap time again commenced. I woke up to 2 frantic messages from my mom and aunt, imploring me to come meet some relatives who were in from California, whom I barely knew and wanted to see me. Reluctantly and petulantly, I threw on some clothes and went to my parents house, where I was ooohed and aaahed over like I was an infant. It was annoying to say the least. I hadn’t seen some of these folks since I was a child and probably won’t see them again anytime soon but dutiful child duty called so there we are. I ate a burger, had some of my dad’s awesome sprinkle cake and chit chatted. I made my escape after an about an hour and went back home.

Upon arriving home, I straightened up the kitchen and made the hot crap dip, which was excellent and so luxuriously rich. It’s definitely a holiday or special occasion treat as it’s not cheap to make!


Monday, I laid upon my arse almost the entire day, with the exception of a bit of kitchen duty and some vaccuuming. Hubs did some fajitas on the grill, I made myself a margarita in the blender and called this weekend a wrap.

What did you do this past weekend?


Odds And Ends: The Tuesday Edition

  • I’m really wishing this recruiter would call me back about scheduling this second interview. I gave her dates and times I was available on Friday.
  • Myron and I were both sick as dogs about a week ago. Two sick married people in the house is no fun. We were both very stabby.
  • The weirdest thing about being sick (we both had upper respiratory crud) was that my ass hurt. Like I could barely walk hurt..pain all in the hip bones hurt. I started to break down and use Myron’s crutches. My booty is fine now though, thanks for asking.
  • The Z-Pack is your friend.
  • We finally saw Django Unchained this weekend. The scene with the Ku Klux Klan members arguing over the pillowcases…funniest shit ever. It got 2 thumbs up from the Macks. Next up for us: Zero Dark Thirty
  • Nerd Girl is hosting the book club over at her spot again this year. Since I was a lame and didn’t participate ANY last year, she made me pick the first book of 2013. We’ll be discussing on February 11th.
  • Taking hubs to a co-ed baby shower this weekend. THIS should be interesting.
  • Looking to go to Puerto Rico in the fall. I think the 52 week savings challenge will be the vacation fund.
  • We’re back in the gym tonight after an absence. Pray my strength I don’t pass out on the treadmill.
  • Myron cooked yesterday’s and today’s dinner last night. Today’s dinner is going to be SO good that I’ve been quietly seat twerking about it all day. What??? You don’t do the happy dance for good food? Just me? Oh.
  • I had a meeting with one of the managers that I support yesterday to make some changes to his financial model. Why hasn’t he sent them to me yet? Why do I have to chase down people who need me to do work for them? The joys of Corporate America.
  • I really wish I was independently wealthy.
  • That’s all I got, what’s going on with you??

Odds And Ends: It’s Monday, Bishes!

  • How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good. We laid low on Friday and Myron whipped up a tasty curry chicken dish. Our house was smelling like an Indian restaurant all evening. I’ll have to snag the picture off his FB page to show you guys.
  • Saturday was a lot of sleeping. We woke up, ate French toast, fell asleep again, woke up and ran a few errands to pick up some shoes I’d ordered and hubs got an early Christmas present: a new Nexus 7 tablet. I’ve played with it a bit, I’ll try to have a full review up sometime this week.
  • Hung out with my BIL and my homegirl @CaliGirlED to watch some football yesterday and my Houston Texans are 11-1, baby! Bulls on Parade! My husband had a GREAT time and is currently at work drinking a LOT of water. 🙂
  • Got a pedicure yesterday. What’s the big deal you say? Well the fact is that I got BLUE TOE NAIL POLISH!!! LOL! Being that I am risk adverse and resistant to change from my normal pinks, red and oranges..going blue is a walk on the wild side. Hubs liked it too. Now green polish is probably a bit too much for my delicate sensibilities right now.
  • I decided I’m going to do some Christmas cards this year. I felt quite trifling after all the nice ones we got last year from folks. Hubs wants to take pictures but it’s December 3rd, I might need to get in where I fit in with these cards.
  • Does anyone out there use Amazon Prime? I signed up for it to get free shipping when I ordered a case for Myron’s tablet and you get 30 days free. Is it worth the $80 bucks per year??
  • Read this article on the NY Times site this morning and had a lot of say about it on Twitter –

College isn’t for everyone, but EYE cannot in good conscience suggest to a black/brown kid to skip college/trade school/military svc when the majority of our black/brown kids are already undereducated coming out of high school. Per the usual, the NYTimes article is written from a place of privilege and that’s annoying. The playing field for US that encourages entrepreneurship is still not level and the barriers to entry to run your own business for people of color are still very high. Not to say that it cannot be done because it is occurring, but right now if I had a kid, I’d be sending them to college.

That’s all I got this morning..what’s going on random with you?



What’s Been Cooking – Part 2


More cooking has been going on the Mack household. This particular pic got quite a few likes and in boxes on Facebook so here’s a quick recipe:

Okra & Tomatoes with Shrimp and Sausage over Cheesy Grits

2 cans of diced tomatoes
1 pound of large shrimp
1 pound of sausage, sliced into pieces (we used a garlic sausage, like Eckrich)
1 white onion chopped up
1.5 pound of okra, sliced up into pieces (across)

Saute sausage in olive oil over medium heat till done in large pot. Then saute shrimp in separate skillet (season to your taste) and olive oil. Don’t overcook the shrimp as it should only take 1-2 minutes to cook.

Drain shrimp and set aside. Clean out pan, then saute onion and 2 tsp of olive oil till onions are transparent. Add the okra and saute with onions for a minute or two. Add 1 tablespoon of garlic, and then saute for 2-3 minutes. Add onions, okra and garlic into large pot with sausage. Add in 2 cans of tomatoes, stir and simmer on medium low heat for 15 minutes. Stir and taste periodically and seasoning to taste. After 15 minutes turn down heat to low and add in the shrimp and let simmer for another 5-10 minutes. Serve over rice or grits and serve plain.

Cheesy grits:

1 cup water
1 cup milk or heavy cream
3/4 cup of grits

Bring water and milk/cream to a boil, add dash of salt, then add grits. Stir constantly until grits are thick but not stiff. Add 3 large pats of butter and 1/2 to 1 cup of cheddar cheese. Stir everything together. Serve okra and tomatoes on top of grits if you like.

Memorial Day Weekend 2012: The Instagrammed Edition

We did quite a bit over the holiday weekend and had lots of fun. Myron played hooky from work on Friday to hang out with me and I instagrammed the last 4 days…take a look.


Myron gazing at the waves, Surfside Beach, Freeport TX


A little ankle wading..


Lots and lots of seaweed…


Grand opening of the Pleasure Pier, Galveston, TX (think Navy Pier in Chicago)


Trying a new buffet spot – Korean style…


This is only part of the buffet line…


San Luis Pass side of the Galveston Toll Bridge..


My fishing set up..note the pink fishing pole.


Seaside…cool water..


He’s just chilling…


Getting provisions…


Pasta salad…


Fresh out the smoker…

How was your Memorial Day weekend???

Happy Valentine’s Day!


We had some good eats right here at home. My personal chef prepared lobster, shrimp and scallops in a pinot grigio butter sauce over couscous and balsamic glazed asparagus. It was quite fancy. And of course I had a glass of wine along with dinner.

I hope you all felt loved and loved on someone today!!!

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