Thanks Santa!

I love getting gifts in the mail. Hell,  it beats getting bills any day of the week. And my Secret Santa for the fourth edition of Christmas in Blogland really delivered, quite creatively I might add. 🙂

First I got this very nice card and upon opening, it told me to open the scroll. I follow directions (well most of the time anyway) so I did.


Sorry it’s a little blurry but do you see the handwritten note and the holiday decorations?? How cute is that!!!


Obviously my Santa is really reading because she knows all about my parking garage struggles and sent me this car tag to hep me explain to the  “safety ambassadors” why I am speeding!!! LOL!!


And to top it all off, my Santa remembered me lusting after a Michael Kors bag because she sent me a cute  Micheal Kors wristlet to place my coins into and this cute necklace (that I happen to have on today at work.)


THANK YOU ONDREA!!!!!!!! I really appreciate it!!!

Hey Santa!

This is the fourth year of the Blogland Secret Santa and probably the very first time I don’t have a clue as to what I would like my Santa to leave under my tree.

One thing I am in dire need of is some new costume jewelry (in silver).

I could use a good chunky necklace like this: LBnecklace or this:LBchunkynecklaceI would LOVE a right hand cocktail ring like this too (I wear a size 7):

Gift cards are always appreciated. Fave places to shop are: Target, Amazon, Lane Bryant and Macy’s.

Speaking of jewelry, the stuff I have is a scattered mess so perhaps Santa will drop off some organization solutions for TIH!!

Other than that, can’t think of much. I’m just grateful to be here and to be thought about.


When I was young(er) and had disposable income that I didn’t know much to do with, I did what a lot of black educated bougie chicks did in the late 90s and early 2000s did: I bought a Coach purse. This was before Coach went down market and slapped their famous and well-known “C” logo on everything from shoes to belts to bucket hats. *sigh* Those were the days…

I may be bougie but I ain’t handbags were never purchased full price, always with a coupon and always from the outlet store. How you like me now?? And since two of my bags were the classic Coach full grain leather, I knew they would last a very long time. And they have. But they aren’t really my style anymore. And I have tons of cute, cheap purses that I carry at various times. So I thought I was done with my bag lust. I thought I was cured..

But I was NOT, YA’LL!!! I am still infected with the “want this purse real bad” disease.

And this, is the object of my desire:

Michael Kors Hamilton tote

I. want. that. bag. BAD.

It’s so weird though, I haven’t wanted a purse in so long. But I follow fashion blogger, Economy of Style, and she has the tan colored one and it is BOSS. It’s just the right size and it has a shoulder strap too. It would carry all of my crap with style and grace. But ya’ll….The price tag: $348. (Pause. Take a breath. Let it out, slowly.)

I haven’t paid that much for a like..EVER.

So, what I thought maybe I would do is sell my Coach bags to help finance the Michael Kors bag. After all, buying vintage is what is on-trend, right?? My bags are in good shape and with a good wipe down with some leather conditioner will be looking brand new(ish).

So here are my Coach bags for your do they look to you? How much should I try to sell them for? Where do I sell them at??


Brown leather shoulder strap bag.


Black pebbled leather hobo.


Black microfiber hobo trimmed in leather.

I’m taking all suggestions in the comment section. After all, what’s old is always new again, right?

A Post In Pictures

Good morning to you!


It's cold in H-Town today! New boots!


Probably should be working but I'm messing around with this..


My husband fixed all of this for New Year’s Day! Yummy!

 (Oxtails, rice and gravy, blackeyed peas and his mama’s greens)

I made this for dessert. Just as good as my MIL’s!!

(Sweet potato crunch)

What are you doing this fine Monday morning??