What I’m Reading This Week

  • Why the Tea Party is a modern day Confederate party.

  • The body in the street. Eloquent. Powerful.

  • Why Beyonce is kind of a big deal.

  • Profile of rapper Killer Mike, who has been making the rounds on cable TV news lately dropping much knowledge.

  • The family of Devaughn Darling, who died while playing football for Florida State still wait for answers.

  • On Chicago, race, segregation and the mayoral race.

  • Profile of Dorian Johnson, the witness to the Michael Brown murder.

  • This was fun. The stages of TV watching while black, as told by the Fresh Prince.

  • Love him or hate him, you gotta read this profile of Jerry Jones.

  • 3 NFL rookies find out their fates on cut down day (the day NFL teams finalize their 53 mean rosters for the season).

  • John Stewart is fed up with white folks: 

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