Set It Off Like Vivica

I mentioned that I was going to be praying for my friend N in my last post because she is on a big project at work that is due to go live next month. She’s been working a lot of hours and is under a lot of stress.

She was telling me about how last week how she reached her breaking point with several of the consultants on the project who were constantly emailing and instant messaging her, and scheduling meetings even over the time she’d blocked out on her calendar to eat lunch and complete her personal work. The final straw came for her when a dude stalked her from one building to another then interrupted while she was in a discussion with another coworker. She snapped on him, gathered her belongings and left for the day. LMAOOO!!!

She told her manager the next day what happened and she was somewhat embarrassed but she said had reached her breaking point.

And while most folks are professional in the workplace, there comes that time where you either have to put someone in their place or just go slap off!

Has there been a time where you had to set it off at work? What happened? What was the end result?


5 thoughts on “Set It Off Like Vivica

  1. At a previous job the manager of the entire operation told me he was moving into a leadership position. A few days later my immediate manager (who I NEVER had a conversation with about the position) pulls me into an office and said that I did not get the position. Instead they were going to give the position to my immediate manager’s WIFE! I grabbed my stuff and left for the day. The next day I walked into work and right into the big manager’s office and explained to him in VERY CLEAR English exactly how f*cked up that was. Every manager in there walked on tip toes around me until I left.

  2. Like… every day. Folks act like I am the maid. I am quick to stand in the hall way and be like, I KNOW YA’LL DIDN’T LEAVE THIS SHIT OUT HERE FOR ME TO CLEAN UP. I KNOW YA’LL DID NOT.”

    I’ve never seen people move so fast……

  3. The last place I worked, we had earned a bonus to be paid right before I left for my current position. But we had also been bought out by a new company. The bonus was coming from the old company.

    When it was time to announce the bonuses, I didn’t get an email. So I went in to the manager to ask if there was a problem. He claimed he had to check to see if I was still eligible. I had already looked online and knew that I was, because I would still be employed with them on the date of the payout.

    The next day he tried to act like he still ain’t know what was going on. I looked him dead in his eye and paused for a second. Then I said, ok.

    Went back to my desk and looked up his boss’s info. Politely sent an email throwing him directly under the bus, advising that I hadn’t been informed of my bonus and that per X Company’s website, I was entitled. I copied and pasted the info. Basically let them know he was trying to block my money. I got an email back from his boss saying that I was correct and that my manager would have that info to me in 30 minutes or less. LOL! You ain’t finna keep my cash, dude!

  4. A few years ago I was working for this man who was very nice but not very knowledgeable about what he was doing. He was always making bad decisions. One of our things we are graded on is the number of files we close/settle each month. I believe it was the end of the month and I had met my goal, but then he reassigned me a bunch of files on the last day. I was livid b/c he was messing up my numbers. I told him I was sick and leaving and grabbed my purse and left for the day. My coworkers were all silent b/c they knew I was mad. He’d done a lot of other dumb things.. I came back the next day and continued working. I can’t remember if he got fired a few months later or he just left but he def was not meant to be a supervisor.

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