Stand With Jordan Davis

Another day in Florida, another case of a young black teenager getting shot and killed simply for just being.

Today the trial begins for the man accused of killing young Jordan Davis while he was with his friends, seemingly because their music was too loud.

You can find out more information about his case here.

Please pray for a fair trial and for his family. Pray for competent judges and attorneys. Pray that justice for Jordan is rendered as it should be correctly THIS TIME.


2 thoughts on “Stand With Jordan Davis

  1. I’ve been following this story since it happened. I used to live in Jacksonville, and I know EXACTLY where that Gate gas station is located. I even blogged about this story in December. I truly hope Jordan gets justice. His mother is our soror, too.

  2. I listened to a news story on this case yesterday on NPR. Unbelievable! What’s really going on in people’s minds that they feel so threatened to shoot like that?

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