Would You, Could You?

What are your thoughts about marrying or dating men with significantly less education than you? Have you ever done so? Why or why not? If so, what were the advantages and disadvantages of doing so? What advice would you give educated women who are not comfortable dating men with no college degree and/or men who work blue-collar jobs?

8 thoughts on “Would You, Could You?

  1. I need a man with a bachelor’s at least. unless he dropped out and did some Mark Zuckerburg type stuff. I guess I’m shallow.

  2. It doesn’t matter to me. I’m older than most here and at a very different stage in life. I’m far more interested in a man’s character, spirit, heart and soul.

    I was with my ex-husband for over 20 years and he doesn’t have a degree. But the man can build and fix ANYTHING. We never had to call a contactor except for major major stuff! 🙂
    My fiance has a BA and since the economy tanked has yet to get back to what he earned previously. I have lots of intelligent male friends who have degrees and don’t want to get married, and I have lots of intelligent male friends who have blue collar jobs and earn near six figures. IMO it’s risky to qualify or disqualify a man based on his degree possession alone.

  3. Previously, I always dated men who shared the same level of education attainment as myself however my husband has a high school diploma and I have a Master’s degree. I’ve learned that one’s education is no measure of their intelligence nor ambition. My husband did not grow up in a household where education was valued and although he now understands this value, that understanding did not come until later in life. I am a firm believer that education comes in many forms and depending on your life goals, formal education may not be the choice for you. My husband has a very successful career in property management, happily moonlights as a sought after musician and is one of the most brilliant people I know. I thank God for allowing me to see past his lack of college degree.

  4. I’ve mostly dated men with no degree. I’ve got to tell you, I’m feeling a bit OVER IT.

    But I don’t think the degree is the issue.. I wouldn’t even entertain a stupid man let alone date or consider marrying him. It’s not as important to me as his path in life and career, his schedule, his earning power. If he’s managed to carve out a life for himself where he can climb high in his industry, feel rewarded, make more money if he’s earned that and garner respect, I’m cool. Even if he makes less than me, if he’s able to take care of himself, that satisfies that box for me.

    The issue for me has been that even men with a degree make less than I do as an Executive Assistant. The last few men that I have dated have worked two to three jobs, with limited time for anything or anyone else. PROBLEM. They’ve also made considerably less, as and as a person who only has to take care of myself, I’ve become accustomed to going where I want and doing what I want, because I can afford it. I resent having to downgrade my life because HE can’t afford to do things I like to do. Then we end up dating on my couch because he doesn’t want to spend the money, or he won’t go unless I pay for both of us.

    This isn’t an issue of smarts to me– haven’t we all met an educated dummy? It’s an issue of where a man is stationed in life and where he can go from there. Often the door to a higher station is a 4yr or beyond degree, so it’s just easier to filter men by that requirement.

    I also like for a man to meet me where I am. I have a place to live, a vehicle, a good job, a degree, minimal bills and I have my sh!t together. If you can’t meet me right there, we are not a match.

    It’s amazing how many men cannot do that.

  5. I dated someone with less education than me, a blue-collar worker that made a significant amount more than I did. I exposed him to a lot and was fine for the most part, but there is truly a big difference, not understanding the college experience or Greek life for that matter. In comparison to dating him versus other guys with a degree, well, Hell, my husband, I’ve found that I prefer my man to at a minimum have a Bachelor’s degree.

  6. I’ve tried it and, bottom line, I’m just not attracted to unintelligent men. Not to say that a man can’t be intelligent without a degree, but in my experience there is a notable difference.

    All I have is a Bachelor’s Degree which, in 2014, is akin to a HS diploma. So I prefer that my guy have that. But the more the better! I dig smarts!

  7. My only advice: try it if you’re open to the possibilities and if you’ve met someone you like that does not have your level of education, give it a chance IF YOU want to. Don’t let other’s opinions sway you. This situation works well for some and not well for others.

  8. I have dated a man with less education than me in the past and I didn’t have a problem with it. I find there were some gaps when it came to exposure though. I was raised in a home where both of my parents were educated (college degrees) and as a child I always knew college was in my future. I found that with one guy, it was never on his radar. That was so strange to me! Therefore we had different views on success (not that one can’t be successful w/o a college degree).

    I know that many blue-collar jobs are high-paying jobs and needed for our lives to continue in the manner in which they do (i.e., plumbers, AC/Heat repair, auto mechanics, etc.). I can’t say that I would have an issue with dating a man w/o a college degree as long as he’s willing to learn and continue to better himself in whatever his chosen line of work.

    I do, however, find that some men in blue-collar jobs take issue with women with more education. So there is a bit of a double standard (sometimes).

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