2013 Books In Review

Inspired by Tracy over at Starting Over Fresh, here is a list of all the books I read in 2013.

I didn’t quite hit my goal of 30 books and I’m actually about 1/4 of the way through one I started a couple of weeks ago but we’ll just go ahead and count that for 2014. I think I will stick with the same goal for this year.

One thing I’ve noticed is that I am a book whore for novel series..Once I read a book and realize the character is part of a series, I binge on reading the entire back catalog and I tend to buy them which costs money.  Luckily one of my lovely sorors, Ernise over at Healthy Everyday told me how I could use Overdrive to send them to my Kindle app! I plan to do just that to save some coins this year.

So without further ado, here’s my list:

  1. The Racketeer – John Grisham
  2. Hell’s Corner – David Baldacci
  3. The Innocent – David Baldacci
  4. The Cleaner – Brett Battles
  5. The Deceived – Brett Battles
  6. Shadow of Betrayal  – Brett Battles
  7. The Silenced – Brett Battles
  8. The Destroyed – Brett Battles
  9. The Collected – Brett Battles
  10. Pretty Boy Problems – Michele Grant
  11. The Fallen – Mark Terry
  12. The Serpent’s Kiss – Mark Terry
  13. Sins of the Father – Mark Terry
  14. The Valley of Shadows – Mark Terry
  15. The Hit – David Baldacci
  16. Poe – Brett Battles/Robert Browne
  17. The Instanbul Exchange (short story) – Adam Lebor
  18. Damage Control – John Gilstrap
  19. The Enraged – Brett Battles
  20. The English Girl – Daniel Silva
  21. High Treason – John Gilstrap
  22. Sycamore Row – John Grisham
  23. Losing To Win – Michele Grant
  24. The Enraged – Brett Battles

I stayed true to my literary tastes which tend to run to thrillers and mysteries, with a bit of chick lit tossed in the mix. It will be more the same this year.

So how did you do on your reading for 2013? What do you like to read? Any strong recommendations??


4 thoughts on “2013 Books In Review

  1. I read 46 books in 2013 – I started the year off strong and then just lost my reading mojo.
    My goal for 2014 is 50. I’m still trying to read a few books left on Kindle – stragglers, then I need to work on a list of books I want to read and stop relying on freebie ebooks. Some of them have been pretty good, but most of them, not so much. I read something by Baldacci this year and enjoyed it, so maybe I’ll work on knocking a few more of his out.

    Right now I’m working on “5 Days at Memorial” which is a true life account of 5 days post-Katrina at a New Orleans hospital. I’m 7 pages in and already highly pissed. Might don’t make it!

  2. You haven’t seen my love for the library? I have saved thousands! I did well reading in 2013…almost 80 and my goal was 75. This year my goal is 85. I use overdrive and love it! No overdue books because I can’t get to the library.

    I also got into listening to audiobooks. LOVE THEM and at first I hated them. But I have done more walking, cleaning etc with an audiobook than ever in life (and I count them as reading). Don’t sleep on audio.

    I read a little of everything and go off of recommendations mostly. I enjoy series but if I read to many back to back in a row, I get annoyed. I need a break. I can’t read a lot of the same author back to back either.

    You can do 30 this year…just plan it out. Do you use goodreads? You can put your challenge in there and it keeps a total. I like goodreads.

  3. So glad Overdrive is working for you! I also love series books. I’m going to have check out those books you have listed by Brett Battles.

  4. As usual I did really well and beat my reading goal of 75 this year. I read mostly genre fiction and thrillers, with some romance thrown in there. I had such a good time reading in 2013 and discussing books with you and Reads for Pleasure!

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