Just Joking Around

I love to laugh..it’s good for the soul. Myron and I are constantly laughing, at each other, at other people and things that we see on the internet.

What has been keeping me in stitches lately is the Vine website and its related smartphone app. There are some very funny, creative and downright ratchet people uploading those Vine videos and there are several that have kept me rolling on the floor, crying with laughter.

If you haven’t learned to bodyroll, please take lessons from this young man:


If you would like to get your proper twerk on and need to work on your form, then check this out:


What? You haven’t heard of young Master Terio and his smooth dancing moves:


And finally the Vine that made me laugh till I cried and caught a stomach cramp:


Please don’t call PETA on me!!!

If there are some funny Vine videos that I haven’t seen, PLEASE leave them in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Just Joking Around

  1. Im over here weak that dang Terio OMG

  2. That body roll is epic!

  3. I have the app but never opened it. I usually catch the videos on twitter. That last one gave me a stomach ache too LOL

  4. I’ve watched exactly ONE vine video. No, wait, two. One of which was created by a Tweeter so I felt safe about clicking the link.

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