RIF (Reading Is Fundamental)

I asked this on my FB page the other day so I’ll ask it here too: Last year I only read 5 books the entire year. This year I promised myself I would do better so I set a personal goal to read 30 books. I’m already at 17 books and a short story.

How many have you read this year?

10 thoughts on “RIF (Reading Is Fundamental)

  1. This is the first year that I set a goal and vowed to diversify the books I read. So my goal is 25, I’m on book 17.

  2. Between your free kindle recs and my bookclub, I’m up to 12 and working on 13. I didn’t set a goal this year, but I’m already past what I did last year.

  3. 15 and my goal is 45. I’m way off track…

  4. Man. Like TWO. SMH. I need to do better.

  5. I have lost count. I’ve read 6 in the past three weeks, so I’m probably on pace to read 30-50 this year. I take up reading in fits and starts, so it’s usually 5-6 books one month, followed by a 6-8 weeks of no reading.

  6. 30. My goal is to clear out my reader this year – not gonna happen!

  7. 4 books this year. Not nearly enough.

  8. I have managed 12 so far (one of which being one of your recent FB recommendations).

  9. My MBA program put a damper on my reading. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve only completed 2 non school books since I started the program January 2012. I’ve been reading My Soul to Take by Tananarive Due for over a year. I plan to catch up next year.

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