The (Almost) 40 Year Old Toddler

So yeah I had a tantrum today. Straight up clowned.

I had to go meet a recruiter today on my lunch break. I suggested meeting at a Starbucks instead of fighting Galleria mall lunchtime traffic (normally hellish). She countered with meeting at her “satellite” office (some shared office suite) that was even further NORTH of where I am currently working. *sigh*

I got turned around trying to get on the Beltway from here because my job is where two major highways intersect so it’s not all that intuitive where to get on the road. We are supposed to meet at 11:30. At 11:30, I’m just now figuring how to get on the highway. Google Navigation is just totally effing me over right now.

I’m hot, frustrated, and mad that I have to meet this recruiter so picture a short black woman in glasses in her car just going off. Straight meltdown. I know folks thought I was INSANE. I was cussing, trying to listen to the GPS tell me the wrong azz way to go and trying to avoid all of the folks driving slow in the left hand lane. Then I start fussing with God. I told him this is for the birds and it’s getting old and these recruiters are getting on my nerves and a whole litany of grievances I had. I almost said this was some bullsh*t, but I’m too scared to cuss God and get struck down. LOL!!

But yeah, me, myself and I methophorically laid on the carpet and kicked and screamed. Felt good too. You can call me childish all you like. I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care!!

There is a happy ending: I made it to the meeting, calmed down and met with the recruiter. I apologized to Jesus on the way back to the office though.

I may be unruly, but I’m not crazy! 🙂

Ya’ll still having tantrums every now and then or are you too grown??

10 thoughts on “The (Almost) 40 Year Old Toddler

  1. I will kirk out like a two year old without preamble.

  2. YES!!! And more times than I’d like to admit. 😦

  3. LOL I’m all late but YES I still have tantrums. Tony calls them “come-aparts” lol

  4. I agree with Beautifully Complex. Never hurt anybody. You have to let that stuff out sometimes! It can literally affect your health to hold things in.

  5. and afterwards I always apologize to God, and then crack up laughing. God knows I’m a fool. 😉

  6. A good meltdown every now and then never hurt anybody, including me LOL
    So glad it all worked out in the end for you.

  7. Yes I have tantrums. This job search is making me throw a lot more tantrums.

  8. chile yes, most definitely. I thought you meant you cut up in public. Cars are fair game. Job hunting gives you a tantrum pass.

  9. I threw a tantrum last week. Sometimes I watch my kids throw them and wonder why I stopped incorporating tantrums into my life play book. I do try not to have them while I am driving.

  10. Woowoowoo – yes, I have tantrums every now and then. My BFF calls is ‘falling down’ LOL.

    I’m glad you got it together.

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