Tweeting Through It

I follow my brother on Twitter and he has a a habit of saying “just tweet through it” normally in response to one of his friends who might be going through a particular situation be is serious or funny.

But there is really is something to that notion. Twitter is good for a vent session and sometimes you aren’t necessarily talking to any of your followers or even expecting a response. Sometimes you really do just need to get the words out of your head and out onto of your keyboard.

So this I tweeted through it this morning and this is what I had to say (to myself more than anything). Maybe it will help someone else.

Read from the bottom up:

@TiffanyNHouston So I hope ya’ll have a good supporting cast of people in your life that help you keep it ALL THE WAY REAL.

‏@TiffanyNHouston Cause sometimes being an adult isn’t easy or all it’s cracked up to be.

@TiffanyNHouston So I’m glad I have a supporting cast of people who keep me grounded, are logical, and keep me from jumping off the ledge.

‏@TiffanyNHouston  Or rather what God had decided I was going to do. But in the interim I had anxiety and worry,

‏@TiffanyNHouston But what I do know that I have been struggling with a decision I needed to make and this morning I got confirmation of what I needed to do.

‏@TiffanyNHouston There is a saying that no man is an island. I don’t know who said it so don’t ask me that

When you are struggling with a decision or need some feedback who do you turn to?

2 thoughts on “Tweeting Through It

  1. Tony. That dude might not say what I want to hear but 99.9% of the time he is ALWAYS right. Shhh don’t tell him I said that.

  2. My mama. I don’t be tryna hear her, but she does drop that knowledge and I’m slowly learning to sit down and listen. I typically ask her, dislike what she says, ask a friend and end up doing what my mama said.

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