• You are a sassy single chick.
  • You make plans to attend a NYE party with a single, platonic male friend.
  • When ya’ll meet up, there’s another chick in the car with him. You didn’t know she was coming, but whatevs.
  • When you get to the party, the party hosts want guests to remove their shoes at the door.
  • You have on heeled boots that are difficult to get on and off and you don’t want to take them off.
  • The hosts make you sit in the kitchen.
  • Your male friend is texting you and tells you that you offended the hosts.
  • The hosts tell you that you need to leave. You get mad (understandably) and tell your male friend to take you to your car.
  • He says he’s too drunk to drive and offers to call you a cab.

Do you:

  1. Take your soon-to-be-former male friend up on the cab offer and get the hell out of there??
  2. Stomp out the house, walk 2 miles in high-heeled boots, in the dark, in a strange area on NYE to the nearest convenience store and call a cab from there to get back to your car??


(Editor’s Note: This did actually happen. This is the condensed version.)

35 thoughts on “WWYD???

  1. I would have taken off my shoes from the jump. Their house and their rules. They would NOT have MADE me sit in the kitchen though. That right there would NOT have gone done. LOL! This was a funny scenario. This person isn’t sassy, they are immature. Please, stop it and get over your fakesassy (and you wonder why you are single) with all of these issues-self.

  2. If you had a problem with taking your shoes off, you should have pulled your buddy to the side RIGHT THEN AND THERE and asked him to take you to your car. You can’t go to someones home and act a damn donkey because you don’t want to abide by their rules. At this point, you should only be mad at yourself for going anywhere in some shoes you can’t take off/put on. What would you do if something bad happened and you needed to take your heels off and run?

  3. take the cab home and call it a night.

  4. Since I’m “sassy” in this scenario to the point of stomping out the house like a brat, I probably said something that did offend the host.

    In any case, I’m not mad at my guy friend at all, my behavior likely put him in an awkward place and he was being responsible by not drinking and driving and offering to pay my cab fare.

    Me personally, I just would have removed my shoes and kept it moving. This chick sounds high maintenance to say the least. Why the heck did she care that some other chick rolled too? Mm hmm

  5. I personally hate taking my shoes off..but I would. I would pray to the 8lb baby jesus that I was wearing decent socks and then move on. I think if you want people to take shoes off you should have packs of new socks and a nice little quip about taking shoes off. I also don’t think you should have random people over if you want them to take their shoes off. But again, I would cross my fingers and take them off because I am a guest in their home.

    I wouldn’t be mad at my friend at all…I would be mad at the hostess who made me sit in the kitchen! I don’t even make my dogs sit in the kitchen when I have guests.

    And I would appreciate my friend telling me he was too drunk to drive….now if he said I just don’t want to leave, then yeah…I would be mad and maybe end the friendship. But I abhor drunk driving so I would hop my jolly a$$ in the cab and try to make it to see the Apple drop.

  6. First off, I have my own special feelings about the no shoes thing. I really feel you outta let people know that ahead of time. I dont go out all the time with the intention of showing my grown out toenail polish or my mismatched socks.

    With that said, it’s usually not a big deal for me to take them off and thats what she should have done. If the hostess made me sit in the kitchen, I would have left right then anyway.

  7. Who are these people?! Personally, I would have taken off my shoes. Shoes are not THAT hard to take on and off. She may want to buy shoes in her correct size. Or is her feet bad? Does she only have 8 toes? An extra toe? No toes? What?! Because the excuse the shoes being hard to get on and off just doesn’t make sense to me.

    In this case, I would take my friend up on his offer. I wouldn’t end our friendship over this. I don’t see why they would. She made the decision not to take off her too tight shoes and get kicked out in the cold.

  8. I don’t see anything wrong with asking your guests to take their shoes off in your home, provided that they know this little tidbit ahead of time. Your house, your rules. I think the host was being petty as hell by asking her to leave, especially after you made her sit in the kitchen away from the rest of the party. I wouldn’t have sat my tail in the kitchen and would’ve taken the free cab ride home. This is the reason why I don’t like riding anywhere with people if I don’t have to. I probably wouldn’t end the friendship over this but would use extreme caution when attending any other events with him.

  9. interesting……..

    First as noted, why invite people over if you have a problem with them wearing their shoes?????

    Aside from that, if taking my shoes off was that big of a deal I would have left immediately after politely declining to take off my shoes. What’s the point of sitting in the kitchen while a party is going on????

  10. I wonder if a cute male guest who didn’t want to remove his shoes would have been as unwelcome. I’m sure the host was a woman.

    wow. just let him call the cab and pay for it. This is one reason why I like staying home on NYE or with people I know well. No one wants to have a jacked up time and start the year off on the wrong foot. A lot of this is wrong. A real friend would have just said “hey I’m bringing so and so” And how in the world was she supposed to leave when she came with someone? Honestly, if the host wanted her gone so bad, she should have called a cab for her.

    if the host was that anal about it, she should have put it on the invitation. Seems like the compromise was the guest staying in the kitchen. Then you say she isn’t welcome and YOU’RE offended?

  11. If I would not take my boots off I would have left then. I definitely would not sit in the kitchen! How long was she in there, that dude was drunk by the time she had enough? I prefer to drive because when I’m ready to go I can go.

  12. Wait. Why didn’t she just take off the shoes? I guess I’m not fancy like that – I can get in and out of all my shoes…

    But to answer your question, I’d take a cab home. Not sure why I’d be mad at the dude – if he says he’s drunk why would I even want to get in the car with him??

    Now let me see what everybody else said!

  13. I live in NYC. I’m not stomping anywhere in boots I can’t take off on NYE. I might don’t make it past the corner. Get in the cab, swallow your pride, and go home. I wouldn’t have had a problem with shoes off-people ask for cultural reasons, or because they have small children.

  14. Taking off shoes? Hell naw. I watched Sex and the City. Carrie got her sh*t took that way. I would have taken him up on his offer or better yet called the cab myself.

  15. Omg. Let your friend call you a cab and go home.

    The girl in this post is annoying.

  16. I would’ve just taken my shoes off when they asked me too. I’m not seeing the harm in that. But since I didn’t, I wouldn’t have stayed in the kitchen as I would have left then. And if he’s too drunk to drive, why can’t I just take his car?

  17. There seems to be a ton of shit missing from this condensed version, but based on what was presented:

    – Bringing up the additional chick struck me as odd, given that it was pointed out how platonic ol’ boy is. What’s the relevance? It’s not a date. If this was done by someone she was dating, I’d understand the desire to cut ties a lot more.

    – If I was the host & if she was refusing to take her boots off after I make a request? Strike 1. That would’ve bugged me a LOT. If you’re gonna be that stubborn about a request I made of you in my own house, you’re automatically on my shit list.

    – Why they didn’t work out who’d stay and go BEFORE he went in and got drunk is the stupid mystery to me.

    – He’s in the wrong for going in/participating in the party w/o her. Soon as she refused to take her boots off, he should’ve left w/ her or seen to it that she got a cab home BEFORE going in and gettin’ his sip on.

    – As it’s presented, that’s not a “lose your friendship status” thing to me. Then again, I’m not about to be scoffing someone’s house rules, either. If I was in that situation, I’d have rolled out; if she wanted to stay, it wouldn’t have bugged me.

    I wish we had the whole story.

  18. Wait what?!?!?! How did you offend the hosts by working on removing your shoes? Why are people asking others to remove shows on New Years eve!

    • Nevermind just re read this. I’m sorry but you have a bunch of people over for New Years including strangers so thinking germs are every where and not just on shoes.

  19. Well I have a problem with the stupid rule of take your shoes off. If you’re that anal about outsiders tracking in dirt and germs… how ’bout just not inviting people into your precious, sterile environment. When asked to sit in the kitchen, I would’ve told the friend I need to bounce… as I was calling a cab. This is why I ALWAYS drive. When I’m ready (or need) to roll… I’m out.

  20. When I read about this scenario, the only thing I thought of why would this chick put herself in danger by stomping up out the house and walking to the store to call a cab. I would have had him pay my way home and we wouldn’t have spoken anymore ever in life. The other chick in the car is annoying but not relevant to the scenario at hand.

  21. The fact that the hosts ask me to leave because I couldn’t/wouldn’t take off my shoes would make me want to leave. It can’t be that damn serious. I don’t stay anywhere I’m not wanted. So I’d take my friend up on the cab and bounce. I wouldn’t walk if it were bright and sunny so I damn sure wouldn’t do it at night on NYE.

  22. #1. I have no problem with the rule about taking shoes off. Their house…their rules. Personally, I would have taken the shoes off and just deal with the struggle of taking them off and on. He and I would no longer be friends, of course.

  23. I’d just take the cab home and blame myself for not following people’s house rules. I would definitely not throw a tantrum if it meant that I was going to be out in the streets by myself late at night on NYE.

    I know a lot of people that have reasons that are cultural, hygienic or just plain ole personal preference for asking their guests to remove their shoes. It’s so common in my circle that I often bring slipper socks if I don’t have on socks or tights.

    That said, the host was rude as hell (and uptight) for making their guest sit in the kitchen and then kicking them out. But honestly, I don’t think the friend was wrong – not for offering to call you a cab because he’d been drinking. If anything I’d have been more thrown by the additional person he brought.

    • I agree with all of this. The other chick would have thrown me off more than anything. I wouldn’t end my relationship with him over this. He didn’t suggest I figure out how to get home on my own; that would end a friendship quickly.

  24. Upon arriving, I’d ask friend why the chick was surprised.

    I would wear an outfit assuming I’d be taking my shoes off (it’s a house).

    I would be insulted at being asked to sit in the kitchen.

    I would choose to make the best of my end of year celebration as opposed to ruining it over pride.

  25. OMG if people have to take off shoes to come into your house, don’t have guests over!!!

    I would have taken the car and told him to call a cab since he’s drunk anyway. And yes that would have ended our friendship.

  26. Is this real life? For real? LOL!

    I can’t imagine being a) in some shoes I can’t
    Get on and off b) at a party with some folks I don’t know, save for the person I came with c) involved with friends this messy. Has he never been to their house before? He ain’t know we had to take our shoes off? LOL!

    I guess I’d have him call the cab AND slide me some cash for the fare, and then his number would be changed from his name to DNA for DO NOT ANSWER.

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