Thanks Santa!

I love getting gifts in the mail. Hell,  it beats getting bills any day of the week. And my Secret Santa for the fourth edition of Christmas in Blogland really delivered, quite creatively I might add. 🙂

First I got this very nice card and upon opening, it told me to open the scroll. I follow directions (well most of the time anyway) so I did.


Sorry it’s a little blurry but do you see the handwritten note and the holiday decorations?? How cute is that!!!


Obviously my Santa is really reading because she knows all about my parking garage struggles and sent me this car tag to hep me explain to the  “safety ambassadors” why I am speeding!!! LOL!!


And to top it all off, my Santa remembered me lusting after a Michael Kors bag because she sent me a cute  Micheal Kors wristlet to place my coins into and this cute necklace (that I happen to have on today at work.)


THANK YOU ONDREA!!!!!!!! I really appreciate it!!!


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