Odds And Ends: It’s Monday, Bishes!

  • How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good. We laid low on Friday and Myron whipped up a tasty curry chicken dish. Our house was smelling like an Indian restaurant all evening. I’ll have to snag the picture off his FB page to show you guys.
  • Saturday was a lot of sleeping. We woke up, ate French toast, fell asleep again, woke up and ran a few errands to pick up some shoes I’d ordered and hubs got an early Christmas present: a new Nexus 7 tablet. I’ve played with it a bit, I’ll try to have a full review up sometime this week.
  • Hung out with my BIL and my homegirl @CaliGirlED to watch some football yesterday and my Houston Texans are 11-1, baby! Bulls on Parade! My husband had a GREAT time and is currently at work drinking a LOT of water. 🙂
  • Got a pedicure yesterday. What’s the big deal you say? Well the fact is that I got BLUE TOE NAIL POLISH!!! LOL! Being that I am risk adverse and resistant to change from my normal pinks, red and oranges..going blue is a walk on the wild side. Hubs liked it too. Now green polish is probably a bit too much for my delicate sensibilities right now.
  • I decided I’m going to do some Christmas cards this year. I felt quite trifling after all the nice ones we got last year from folks. Hubs wants to take pictures but it’s December 3rd, I might need to get in where I fit in with these cards.
  • Does anyone out there use Amazon Prime? I signed up for it to get free shipping when I ordered a case for Myron’s tablet and you get 30 days free. Is it worth the $80 bucks per year??
  • Read this article on the NY Times site this morning and had a lot of say about it on Twitter –

College isn’t for everyone, but EYE cannot in good conscience suggest to a black/brown kid to skip college/trade school/military svc when the majority of our black/brown kids are already undereducated coming out of high school. Per the usual, the NYTimes article is written from a place of privilege and that’s annoying. The playing field for US that encourages entrepreneurship is still not level and the barriers to entry to run your own business for people of color are still very high. Not to say that it cannot be done because it is occurring, but right now if I had a kid, I’d be sending them to college.

That’s all I got this morning..what’s going on random with you?



8 thoughts on “Odds And Ends: It’s Monday, Bishes!

  1. My weekend was pretty cool. Date night was Friday, so we had dinner and a movie. We went to see Flight instead of Lincoln. I want to try to see it before the week is out. I had duty the rest of the weekend, so by Sunday, I was exhausted. I had to do my physical fitness assessment and since my ass hasn’t hit a gym in Lawd knows when, I was all to pieces. LOL I passed, though.

    I don’t usually experiment with color polish on my nails, but I do so on my toes. Mostly, because of being on active duty. Now that I’m not, I guess I can change that. HA!

    I thought about not doing Christmas cards this year, but a cousin made sure to let me know she wants one, so I guess I’ll try to get some out by the end of the week.

    I have Amazon Prime. I’ve had it for a few years now. It’s definitely worth the money. You can get free shipping and expedited shipping, spend less on some items than everyone else, add others on your account so they can get the free shipping and you can stream free movies online or on your television.

  2. I live Amazon Prime. I’ve been a member for 3 years now and it’s well worth the money. You can also add up to 4 additional people to your account and they can get the Prime shipping rates too.

  3. Amazon prime is amazing. I had a free 3 month trial and ended it. I signed up again about 2 weeks later. Its AWESOME if you order a lot. It has very cheap overnight shipping as well. Totally worth it.

    They tell you that it is auto renewed but you can sign up and cancel at the same time.

  4. I shop on amazon a lot an my Prime membership has more than paid for itself. I love it and will renew next month when it expires.

  5. Prime is ALL the things. I love it. Streaming free shows/movies. Especially crap I would never rent for baby. And FREE two-day shipping! Like, you order a $5 bottle of lotion and get it in two days for free. Or, you order mattresses and get them shipped…FREE. Totally worth it if you are an online shopper.

  6. When I bought my Kindle Fire, I got the Amazon prime free for one month. It is only beneficial in my opinion, if you order a lot of items that need to be shipped. I rarely do that. It is also good if you want to borrow books. It allows you to do that for free. I download so dang many that I still haven’t read, that I don’t need to borrow any. Also be careful after your year is up. Anazon has no problem just pulling money out of your account all wily nily for the service. Without asking you! This has happened to me, my youngest daughter and her boyfriend within a three month time period.

  7. about the kids in college and being black/brown. I have a son that graduated from college and even though right now it seems he does not appreciate the value of a college education (so this hurts on all fronts), i could not in good conscience not have had him go. I have a daughter who took a gap year, and now that she’s in college appreciates it more, and i have one who did the traditional route and graduates in May.
    I’m saying all of this to say its works for some(as evidenced by the article) – but you still need to have a plan, a course of action. If you don’t have a plan, college is an expensive way to find yourself. The other thing, all those kids dropping out – who was footing the bill? if there was some hardship – kids wouldn’t be so quick to drop out and say they don’t need an education. the dropout thing only works for certain industries (high tech, technology) it does not work if you plan on being a lawyer or doctor, etc.
    college provides opportunities that would not be available otherwise – at least for people of color it does.

  8. I love Amazon Prime. I’ve had it for a 3-4 years now. I looked at my history of ordering over a few years and determined it was worth it for me. Plus, you can add up to 3 people (you can split the cost with them – I don’t split the cost because I got it for me, initially, and found out about that extra later) and they can benefit from the quick shipping.

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