Odds And Ends: The Monday Edition

I was laying in bed this morning, waiting for the alarm to go off and I had a jumble of thoughts in my head so here we go:

  • I was supposed to be reading 30 books this year, up from last years total of 25. I have failed miserably at this and going into Q42012 I am unlikely to reach that goal. But I have been reading, quite a bit actually. My Pocket app on my phone and my tablet is my new best friend. If I come across an interesting link on FB or Twitter, then I save it to Pocket so I can read it later. I’ve also started following 2 Twitter accounts @longreads and @longform, which tweet a variety of longer articles from the web on various topics from sports to technology to pop culture to literature. If I get stuck somewhere (like at jury duty a couple of weeks ago), I can always pull up something to read.
  • I might not be reading many books but it hasn’t stopped me from downloading them like a crackhead, though.
  • Do you consider yourself religious or spiritual? Do you attend church regularly? I ask because my mama was fussing at me last week about attending church. I must admit that our church attendance has fallen by the wayside in the last year or so. But just because I am not in church, doesn’t mean church isn’t within me. I still pray and I talk to God pretty frequently but I still feel some guilt around  the church attendance thing. I also think that Myron and I need a new church home, as our current church home (that we grew up in) isn’t really doing it for us anymore. This is going to require some more prayer, thought and discussion I think.
  • I went to a kid birthday party of Saturday. I immediately got drafted into refereeing kid disagreements and dealing with tattle tails. It’s not as easy as it looks. And my soror’s little boy (the birthday boy in fact) asked her the same question SEVEN different times. Yes, I counted them. I keep wondering if I’m equipped to be a parent.
  • I’m still having a struggle at my workplace. I’m still praying for peace about it.That’s all I’m going to say about that.
  • I had an interview for a really exciting position last week. Got some goot coaching from a Twitter friend too. I didn’t get it. Turns out they didn’t like ANY of the candidates that were sent over. And of course, no feedback to find out what you did wrong. I think the recruiter was more aggravated than I was. At this point, I figure if I am supposed to get another job then I will.
  • @OneChele over at Black n’ Bougie, did a insightful week’s worth of posts based on the Iyanla Vanzant’s Fix Your Life interview with Evelyn Lozada. Click on this tag: http://www.blacknbougie.com/search/label/Lessons%20learned and read all the posts from the week of September 17-21. You will be glad you did.
  • Myron and I have been eating a mostly Paleo/Primal diet since the beginning of August and we joined the gym. I can see the difference in how my clothing is fitting. Slow and steady wins the race for us.
  • Summer is over. Fall is upon us. I’m sad. Fall isn’t my fave time of the year.

That’s all I got. Got any odds and ends to share?


12 thoughts on “Odds And Ends: The Monday Edition

  1. I stay downloading books! My reading has fallen off a bit, but I didn’t have a set goal so….Definitely spiritual. I try to attend church regularly, but don’t beat myself up if I miss – the Lord and I are still good. Your child will be your child – you will be able to deal with him/her/them. Trust me. Still praying that you – or your supervisor – are blessed with a new job soon. Keep the faith!

  2. I don’t understand Paleo or clean eating, please elaborate.

    You will get a breakthrough on the job front when you least expect it! Praying for your breakthrough.

  3. Its good to know I am not the only person who ddownloads books like its no tomorrow ! I have twice bought a book that I already downloaded, lol! I have fallen way off church attendance too. If you want kids don’t let other kids turn you off. Some parents do ish I would never do and vice versa . My kids knew whining and lying would and still will get you hurt something fierce by me. Some parents can ignore and it drives me crazy because they won’t handle that. Congrats on the diet and exercise !

  4. I was raised in the church (grandaughter of a reverend), but I consider myelf spiritual. I prefer to have one on one time with God without the distractions and drama that church folks can bring.

    Children are tiring. Tiring! My bed time went from 11pm to around 9:30 because I’m so exhausted…and he’s only one.

  5. I’m more spiritual than religious. I go to church almost every Sunday, since I started going back early this year. I’m Catholic and growing up we were forced to go by the school and the Nuns. They actually took attendance at Mass. So now I go because I want to, and I’m still Catholic because it’s where I’m comfortable. It took many years for me to find my peace with the Catholic Church.

    I got my Kindle last Christmas and I’ve been reading like a maniac. So far I’ve read 26 books and I’m now reading 3 at the same time. My goal is 35.

    The right job will find you. I hope it’s soon.
    I can’t wait to leave the Federal Gov’t. It’s been 17 years, it’s time to go.

    I hope to be back in Pennsylvania by Fall 2013.

    I don’t believe there is such a thing as ready or equipped for kids. When they come you just do your best …….and pray a lot! LOL

  6. More spiritual than religious, but I like to have a church I can go to if the spirit moves me. The one I’m currently a member of is no longer doing it for me, so I’ve visted a couple of different ones in the past month or so. My search isn’t motivated by guilt though. I ran into an old friend over the summer who had been going through a really rough time a while ago, but went back to church and has found such peace. I want some of that.

    A year ago I was miserable at my job but instead of looking, I tried to focus on adjusting my attitude. It was a great job – for someone, just not me anymore. I found a new one practically by accident. I was looking for something else and came across an ad that may as well have said “If your name is sundaze, this is your new job.” I couldn’t be happier. Good luck in your search!

  7. Spiritual more than religious; tradition and rites mean little to nothing to me, especially if the word is not being taught. I’m a student of life, I like to learn, and it’s particularly important to me that I’m learning about the application of the word instead of having some catch phrases yelled at me from a pulpit. I went through a season of not attending church, but have been fortunate enough to find a fit that is good for me…I’m not a people person, but the fellowship is authentic; I love it. I will pray that you and your hubby find the church that is right for you two.

    Paleo is great! I was dating a guy with diabetes who’d incorporated Paleo into his lifestyle and I adopted it a bit. Where it helped him to lose a bunch of weight and stabilize his sugar levels, it helped me to stay more lean; however, I didn’t have as much energy, so I had to do a modified version. I still think it’s a great lifestyle. Congrats on the results!

    Hang in there on the job front!

  8. I love Pocket! I’m always emailing myself stuff to catch up on and if I happen upon a long PDF I email it to my Kindle App.

    I’m more spiritual. We haven’t even begun looking for a church home here in Houston yet but we’ve been talking about it more. I used to be extremely active in the church I grew up but the church became even more stagnant and I left. Since then it’s been about connecting with God on a personal level but I do miss the fellowship of being around fellow believers.

    I’m hunting for a job that suits me and I know something good is coming- I just hope it’s soon.

    Kids- I swear I’m ready but then I get selfish about things like sleep and being able to get up and go whenever I want to.

  9. Try St. John’s downtown. I went to Higher D for years, but things started getting a little too…commercial, so the months before I moved out of Houston, I had start attending St. Johns and was sorely disappointed that I had to stop going.

  10. I consider myself more spiritual than religious. I have all but disappeared from my church home. Been visiting another church off and on, but not sure if I want to join yet. My guilt is not so much attendance as it is tithing. I speak to God everyday, but I definitely need to get back into the word. Like yesterday.

    I’m trying my darnedess not to mentally check out of my job. We’re in chaos over here, I’ve had to take a demotion due to budget cuts and am now working with 70% of my previous salary. This makes all the dumb past decisions spring back to the forefront b/c things are tighter than they need to be.

    Speaking of jobs, I’ve reviewed and revised my resume, been applying for jobs every week and been turned down by every one of them. Even got rejected for a pt job at the mall! I’m vacillating between being seriously frustrated and accepting that whatever is for me will happen in its own time.

    My makeup artist dreams are still simmering. I’ve had a couple of clients recently and I’ll be doing makeup this week for Detroit Fashion Week. Was also able to finagle an interview for Sephora this week. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong direction re: employement in my current ft industry. Hmm…

    Will be praying for you on the job front.

  11. I’m definitely more spiritual and not at all religious. I didn’t grow up in a religious house hold so that’s probably why.

    A friend’s ex BF did/does Paleo and swears by it. He’s had some good results and when my girl lived with him she ended up doing it unintentionally and also lost weight.

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