California Love

There were a lot of things that conspired against this year’s vacation.

First, we had to change our destination at the last minute because we thought Hurricane Issac was going to hit the Miami area. So we decided to go to the Left Coast (San Diego) instead. Next my manager acted a complete and total ass about me actually going on vacation. We normally go the first week of October because the month of September is a busy time at my office with the annual budget so going on our actual anniversary won’t work. So after much schedule juggling, we both were able to get time off the last week of August. This actually worked out better because we didn’t have to go back to work till after Labor Day.

Then Myron sprained his foot and we were in the ER the day before we were to take off, and he ended up on crutches for the duration of our trip.

But one (several) monkey don’t stop no show, so the hubs and I made it on the plane and prepared to show California some love!

Here are some flicks I took while there..San Diego is gorgeous and we will be back!!

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3 thoughts on “California Love

  1. Your pictures are beautiful!!! *Adds San Diego to trip list* Glad you guys had a great time!

  2. Big ups to Myron for walking with those crutches! I would have needed a Hovaround (sp). I used them after foot surgery. iDied. Beautiful picures!

  3. I Love Da Diego! One of my favorite cities. If it wasn’t so far from DC I’d move there. lol! I keep saying I’d even move to the suburbs if it was a suburb of DC. One of my really good friends and my brother live in San Diego so I’m there at least every other year.

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