(Food) Hoarders

I was reading this blog today titled Newlyweds on a Budget. Its a personal finance blog written by a young wife who lives in California and I’ve been following it for a few years now. Today’s post was about how she wishes she was single again…because her husband eats up all their food.

I quote:

This week, I’ve been making black bean and egg white burritos. I ran out of tortillas and cheese on Tuesday so I asked him to pick some up since he had the day off. He purchased tortillas (10 count) and cheese (8 oz) Tuesday EVENING, not DAY, but EVENING. On Wednesday morning, I made my black bean and egg white burrito and measured out one ounce of shredded cheese.

This morning, I went to make my burrito and there were only three tortillas left and when I went to add my cheese, the bag was gone–I ended up finding the empty bag in the trash can!

In ONE day you ate SIX tortillas and SEVEN ounces of cheese? It was enough to make me march upstairs and wake him up and proclaim loudly: “From now on, we buy our own cheese and put our names on it! I am not sharing cheese with you anymore!”

I know it was a childish move, but it was the last straw of a long line of expecting food to be there only to find out that Eric ate it. It’s like he just has no regard for whether someone else (ie, ME) would like some, he eats it ALL.

Now I know that men tend to eat more than women, cause they are just larger and have bigger appetites but it will never get to the point where I am labeling food with my name on it. WDDDA??? I have my fave things to eat and so does Myron and we try not to mess with that too much but hiding food from him?? Say what now?? It’s not THAT bad. If anything we are trying to pawn off the extra food on each other!!! And if either one brings home leftovers from a restaurant, we know that it for the person whose plate it came off of, unless we offer to share.

I think that A) her husband is either clueless or inconsiderate and B) she needs to up the grocery budget. Married folks should not be in the house scrapping behind vittles!!!! A conversation seems to be in order here.

Granted I don’t think it’s anything she’s going to dump her husband over, but it seems to be a MAJOR annoyance for her.

At any rate for my folks who are married/live together or have had a relationship where many groceries were being consumed, has it ever got this bad behind some food????


17 thoughts on “(Food) Hoarders

  1. No. I grew up with my parents, 3 brothers, and my grandma. If it was there, it was fair game. I cannot imagine labeling, hiding, and/or fighting over food. Our house is the same way.

    The only thing that drives me crazy is when he leaves “a corner” of something. Grrrrr!!!! Just eat it all.

  2. No, its never been that bad since I’ve been married but see, I got all that straight on the the front end. I don’t share my food. Point. Blank. Period. Not even with my kids. I’ll buy you or make for you whatever you want to eat, but I’m not giving you any of mine. What can I say? I love food and I love to eat.

  3. Hubs and I dont have that problem but I could see it getting to that point. People are serious about their food. She defintely needs to buy more food. That way she can make her burittos and he can eat tortilla and cheese directly outta the bag (or whatever you have to do to eat that much cheese and bread in 24 hours).

  4. It’s really not that deep. They need to buy more food. In my household, there’s me, my big and tall husband, and 2 sixteen year old growing and greedy boys. If WE find a way to have enough food, surely one couple can find a way.

  5. Shoot, I know the feeling she’s talking about! I can’t imagine labeling food but damnit if I haven’t felt like hiding something to protect it at times. lol…

    Thing is, I grew up in a big family so I only learned of the wonderfulness that is having exactly what I left when I come back as an adult. So, it’s not been a hard transition to having food eaten right from under my nose. If I’d grown up without leftover-thieving sisters, I don’t know how I’d handle this. 🙂

  6. As far as food, Al is the easiest person in the world to get along with. We share and share alike. Now wine….is a different story! LOL

  7. When CP first moved in he used to ask me if he could eat certain things in the fridge or pantry. I told him he needed to stop asking for permission and that the only thing off-limits were cupcake supplies. Beacuse I already know I’d go apeshit crazy if I woke up at 530 to do a cupcake order and one of my ingredients was gone!

    But I will admit I had to check myself that day I came home ready to snack on those falafel chips and red pepper hummus I’d bought only to discover he’d eaten all the chips. I almost snapped, but I caught myself.

  8. Never. My husband has hidden sweets from me, but only during my pregnancy when I was diabetic. Maybe she needs to sit down with her hungry husband and discuss why he beasted through the cheese and tortillas. Did he not have lunch at work? Nobody made dinner? He was sleep eating? I don’t think it should ever get that serious with food if you aren’t living with teenage roommates.

  9. I think you gave an accurate description of him. She is probably just venting. Hopefully, when she woke him up and went off on him, it was a wake-up call, lol! Plus that burrito must be hella good!

  10. While E eats lots more than I do and in larger quantities, there will never be a time when I am labeling food that we both put in on! Um no. If I am going to use a specific ingredient for a meal I just tell E to leave it alone. Because I do most of the cooking, E will ask if I am saving such and such for anything special before devouring it…but labeling food? No ma’am

  11. We must not have been FB friends the time HH ate up all the leftovers we had from PF Chang’s and Maggiano’s. I came home for lunch and he had left me a corner of eggplant. I was like, what the?!? If I had know that I would’ve just gone out for lunch. LOL!

    He tries to institute this statute of limitations on leftovers, talmbout if I don’t eat it by a certain time it should be up for grabs. I told him to choose life…and don’t eat my food. LOL!

    And HH does have a tendency to sit down and pour huge bowls of cereal or sit and eat all of something in one sitting. I try to remind him he isn’t the only person in the house, but it’s definitely not down to labeling food.

    I DID stop going to Trader Joe’s because it’s more expensive and he never goes when it’s his turn to shop, but if I get stuff from there he’ll be the first to eat it all up. Uh, no. LOL!

  12. Uhhh NO.
    Now there was that ONE time when he ate my pie that I was saving for later and I PROMISE I wanted to knock him out lol but he eats more than I do so I just buy more of it. *Shrugs*

  13. No, we’ve been married for six years and the biggest argument we ever had about food was the night I made a meatless dinner. He had just worked out and was not happy about no meat on the menu. Well, that’s never happened again because I let him know in advance when we’re having a meatless meal. And I think he was just in a bad mood that day. They need to increase their budget and he needs to be a little more considerate of his wife.

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