Odds and Ends: What’s Going On With TIH

  • My birthday was on June 18th. I turned 39!!!!! *faints* I had a good turn out of folks at V21 Shot Bar and Grille and had a nice hangover the next day to pay for it. Here are few snaps from the day:

  • Myron’s 20th class reunion was the last weekend in June. His classmates did a good job of putting together a happy hour, banquet and picnic. I was impressed and he had a really good time.
    • We spent the Fourth of July in Beaumont, TX with family and I got to catch up with cousins I hadn’t seen in years. The kids got to go swimming. Unfortunately it was back to work for us the next day. I got a cute snap of my niece Chandler though.image
    • Work has been…well work. I manage to keep my sanity most days so that’s a victory in itself. I have had several interviews in the last few weeks though. LinkedIn is my new best friend. #WINNING
    • Hubs and his dad went fishing and I reaped the benefits of their catch:


  • And of course my personal chef has been whipping up plenty of good eats.
  • Other than that, not much has been going on and I kind of like it like that.

What’s been going on with you so far this summer???


4 thoughts on “Odds and Ends: What’s Going On With TIH

  1. Happy Belated Birthday TIH! Glad that you have some movement on the employment front. 🙂

  2. Happy belated Birthday! (sorry I missed it on fb)

  3. Nothing…nothing at all, lol. Methinks I need a life, lol.

    So you’ve found Lin.ked.In to really be helpful in the job search? I’ve only heard one really great story regarding the site, but I have noticed a couple of recruiters viewing my page lately. Maybe I need to update it…

  4. So far I went to Cali for my cousin/brother (not an incenst reference..he’s my first cousin and we were born weeks apart so we grew up more as siblings) graduation and saw him receive his doctorate. I was so proud and I’ve never seen him happier. Quite a few family members were there so we had a good time together.

    I FINALLY bought a new sofa for my den (after about 2 years of wanting one) and it’s given me the recorating bug. From the den to my bedroom, I’ve been looking at everything differently and changing stuff up. I’m having fun with that.

    My babies (nephew and nieces) come for their annual trip to ATL this weekend. My cousin, aunt and I split time. Usually I get them at the end to help get them back on schedule before they go back to my sister since the others have no regard for their routine. But this time I’m in the middle. I have lots of fun stuff planned. I’m excited. Those kids bring me joy.

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