Girls Just Need To Have Fun

I did something this past weekend that I haven’t done since I got married. I hung out Friday AND Saturday night. Big whoop right? Well, it kinda was because I left my husband at home and had some really good chick time. And I needed it, more than I realized.

Don’t get me wrong, my husband is hella fun, we have have a lot of similar interests and he is silly, nutty, crazy just like me. And I like kicking it with my dude..that’s more than some married folks can say. But there is something to be said for hanging out with your girls and soaking up some good old estrogen. And since I have blogged about my angst about being left out of the loop by some of my single friends and how it really hurt, it was good to get out and dance and have a female listening ear. I even ended up being a wingwoman for my sorority sister on Saturday night, as I did my best pass and assist to help a handsome goodlooking (c. 2009 Babs In Blogland) secure her phone number.

And I’ve been thinking about it since the weekend, just because certain folks don’t call me anymore since I’ve caught that marriage disease, doesn’t mean I don’t know several very nice women who would welcome a call to step out to have a drink or grab a bite. So I figure I need to be hanging with those folks anyway, right?? Right….I believe that it takes a friend to be a friends and since we don’t have kids yet, I still have quite a bit of free time to spare.

So here’s to my girls, who reminded me that girls don’t just want to have fun, they NEED to have it.

At least every once in a while. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Girls Just Need To Have Fun

  1. It’s interesting how your relationships change when you get married. Like CaliGirlEd, one of my best friends won’t talk long when my husband is home. But often times I miss talking to her and spending time with her. While the type of activities might change – I’m not down with the club all the time – I still have time for her and my girlfriends.

  2. As the voice of a single person…it does get old to try to spend time with friends when they clearly prefer to spend time with their spouse (which I am not opposed to!)…but I personally don’t like hearing, “Hubby is out of town so we can hang out!” or “Hubby doesn’t like me hanging out with single women” or “Let me see what plans me and the hubby have and I will get back to you” and then they don’t.

    Also, if I try to do something a certain amount of times and your answer is constantly no…I stop asking and feel its on you to reach out.

    And none of it stems from jealousy that I am not married but that I think I am worth spending time with and EVEN if I am second fiddle, you don’t have to keep reminding me of that!

  3. I still LOVE time with my girlfriends. I don’t do it THAT often but when I go I have a ball. It’s actually time to go again lol

  4. Honestly, my interactions with my single friends changed on both sides (mine and theirs) shortly before I got married. My friends don’t call as much to hang out but that’s fine because I don’t want to. If my husband is not traveling, I prefer to spend most of my time with him.

    It’s a part of why we hang out with couples more because the gatherings are more likely to be men and women so I can bring him along without being THAT person. lol… Of course, this doesn’t really mean that I don’t want to hang out with my single friends cause I do. I love those chicks and I enjoy their company as much as I ever did.

    That said, I feel like we’re all in a comfortable place. I don’t get my feelings hurt when they’re talking about something they did that I didn’t hear about (even if I could have gone) and I reach out to them periodically with ideas for things we can do with just us and/or with other couples.

  5. I’m on the flip side. All of my friends are married and prefer hanging with their husbands, so I don’t even bother asking them to go out anymore, unless it’s to lunch during the work day. For evening and weekend outings, I just roll solo.

  6. Not sure why your single friends are tripping. I don’t have a lot of married friends but they do want to get together often. Maybe not all the time like when they were single but really who single or not goes out all the time when they’re in their mid to late 30s. The married friends who have kids are also eager to get out once in a while without their families. Everyone needs girlfriend time.

  7. It confuses me why you’re experiencing that from friends just because you got married. Naturally friend’s availability changes when they get married but I actually initiated the conversation with my friends as they transitioned to married life. In particular I remember the conversation with one of my best girlfriends on what time she like prefers to not talk on the phone, making sure we did this or that at least monthly or quarterly. No way I’d just shut it down altogether. Surround yourself with those that don’t mind!

    • CF – I didn’t want to be accused of being one of those married chicks that thinks that single chicks are jealous because they aren’t married but after trying to reach out to the individuals in question several times and letting them know of my availability to get together, I have to conclude that must be the reason. Not to mention one person’s very tepid reaction to my initial engagement. You would have thought I would have gotten the message then. :-/

      • That’s foul. Yeah, if you’ve reached out and they’ve been unresponsive….it’s them. It’s a sad thing when jealousy changes a friendship. But I guess the silver lining would be that now you know who doesn’t deserve to be a part of the new level of your life. Their loss!

    • In total agreement with CreoleFleur! I had to explain to one of my married friends why I stopped calling so much and why I wouldn’t stay on the phone with her for extended periods of time when her husband was home. “You’s married nah!” Handle your married business, I’ll be over here chillin when you have some time. Real friends, who are not jealous, understand the space that a married friend needs in order to be married.

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