Odds And Ends

  • There is a lot of chatter all over the internet about how thirsty single women are but really there needs to be some conversation about these THIRSTY ASS MEN, out here in these streets too. Don’t believe me? Well here’s Exhibit A.
  • As women, we have to look out for each other. Don’t let a nice woman make a fool of herself if you can help it.
  • In addition to the above bullet, if you are in the process of meeting and greeting people, widen your pool. Don’t try to holler at all the chicks in one circle. Variety is the spice of life, people.
  • I tweeted about this last week, but I have a team member who is rolling off our project (how she got thrown under the bus is another story in itself).  Why did my manager invite all of the other team members to a “good bye” lunch except me? There are only 4 of us that report to him. Did it not occur that excluding me is unprofessional and tacky?? Did he think I wouldn’t notice THE ENTIRE TEAM GOING TO LUNCH?? When I called him out on it, he forwarded me the invite. It sat there in my inbox until today. I accepted, only because the team member who is leaving begged me not to have her go to lunch with them. I’m preparing to have to pay my own way, I don’t put nothing past shady individuals.
  • My birthday is next Monday. I will be 39. I’m still in disbelief. 29 seems like it was yesterday.
  • I am so behind on my book reading for this year. I thought getting a tablet would be helping with more reading, it’s just got more apps and more distractions. I am currently reading a book, though. It’s book 5 in the series starring Alex DeLuca. I talked about the first 3 books in the series here.
  • I think I want OKC to win the NBA finals.
  • I’m praying for deliverance from my manager. I really want to stay with my current company. God’s will is gonna be done, somehow.
  • One of blogland’s finest has suffered a terrible, heartbreaking loss. Please stop by and leave a comforting word. The Macks are praying for you, Mrs. TDJ!
  • I’m going to hug my husband EXTRA tight tonight.
  • What’s random with you?? Throw it in the comment.

4 thoughts on “Odds And Ends

  1. I hate bad managers. His inappropriateness shsould somehow make it back to his boss.
    I don’t watch a lot of sports, but I’m with Miami! I like Mr. James.

  2. My son’s birthday is Sunday. He’ll be 12 and he wants a case of Pine.app.le Cr.ush as one of his presents, LOL!

    Sucky managers…well, they suck! I really need to be on twitter to stay caught up.

    I’m making myself read more quality books. I keep getting sucked in by the “free”

    My heart goes out to MrsTDJ and all of her family. She’s got some good stories posted on her blog about her hubby.

  3. Hello! One of the reasons I love Snookie (my nook) is that it is ONLY a reader! People don’t understand why I have Snookie and Padma (ipad) but Padma is when I don’t want to read a book! She is far too distracting. But with Snookie….its just me and him!

    Shocked at Mrs. TDJ…so sad…so heartbreaking. I wish I was in DC to hug her. *sending virtual hugs*

  4. Mannnn I’ve read like 4 books this year. I have too many to count downloaded on my ipad though O_O

    My heart breaks for Mrs. TDJ 😦

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