This Can’t Be Life…

Myron has a very bad habit of making me watch TV shows or movies that I don’t really want to watch and then they turn out to be good and shit. Makes me mad too! I hate getting caught up! LOL!

So last night, I come downstairs and once again, he’s watching something that I have no interest in watching, National Geographic Channel’s Locked Up Abroad. Here’s a link about the show:

The premise is this: folks go overseas for business or pleasure, and end up in the pokey for various reasons. The episode that I got caught up in last night was about a chick named Lucy, a British nursing student who gets hooked on crack, racks up enormous debt and is convinced by a “friend” that the solution to her money woes is to be a drug mule transporting cocaine back to the UK from Argentina.

Brilliant, right?? But this chick’s story was so wild, that it didn’t seem believable. She gets caught trying to leave Argentina, hitchhikes across the country alone (and she’s a single, white woman at that..o_O) with a map and 2 dollars, gets to the Brazil border with no passport to go through the crossing, swims across a damn river to get into Brazil, hitchhikes some more to Sao Paulo, gets to the British Embassy to get an emergency passport and then manages to catch a flight back to the UK.

Seriously? This can’t be life can it? I have to admit that I couldn’t really believe it, even though the real life person narrated the program. Who manages to maneuver across a South American country with little to no funds?

When I go on vacation, I’m trying to stay out of trouble and out of the reach of the local authorities. I’m trying to go sight seeing and lay my ass on the beach..and not not go “hiking” in countries at war with the US (remember this:  Swimming across rivers and fighting off lions, and tigers, and bears (oh my!) is not my idea of fun.

So that’s why I watch these silly people on shows like Locked Up Abroad…and blame my husband for getting me caught up in watching these train wrecks on TV! LOL!

Do you watch Locked Up Abroad too?

11 thoughts on “This Can’t Be Life…

  1. Girl, YES! I love those fools! I’ve been watching for years and blogged about it about 2 years ago. LOL! I get the giggles and have to shake my head at their foolishness! Seriously, I’m baffled that they think their “plans” will work. Just crazy.

  2. Yes, I do watch Locked Up Abroad! The people featured on those shows definitely have some mental toughness. I don’t know I could handles some of those situations.

  3. When we had a 7 hour layover in Bejiing…some people left the airport to go to the Forbidden city.

    I was having no parts of being in CHINA illegally. People are crazy and dumb.

  4. LMAO! Yes, girl! I watch this show. Some of the stuff these folks do and the decisions they make are just crazy! Some of the stuff they let people talk them into doing is just ridiculous; but the last thing they’re doing is thinking straight.

  5. I’ve never seen the show but some ladies mentioned it when we were talking about a fight in Aruba. I’m like you, when I go out of the country I keep a low profile. Things I get riled up about in the States are ignored. I like my freedom.

  6. I love this show. I think I’ve seen every episode.

  7. I was tweeting the show last night. I didn’t see this episode though. I watched the last two that came on last night, the man who was in prison in Mexico and the woman who was in prison in Peru. Both were Americans. I never ever want to go to prison overseas.

  8. I love that show! The one where the actor guy was imprisioned in Thailand was the last one I saw. Sometimes it is outlandish but who knows what can go on overseas.

  9. iCan’t with these people. I saw a similar show a few years ago with folks locked up in Thailand for drug stuff.

    This is why I am on my toes when overseas. Say no to drugs and say no to going off the beaten track. Some people don’t know when to stay in their lane. I bet those hikers were spies. WHO THE blank goes hiking on the boarder of a warn torn country? Spies.

    You know our system is not fair and balanced and theirs is even worse.

  10. I haven’t watched it before, but now I’m intrigued! I have watched the show where folks escape out of precarious situations…I can’t remember the name, though.

  11. Crazy! One of my brokers was just telling me about that show last week! May have to tune in and catch a few episodes.

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