When I was young(er) and had disposable income that I didn’t know much to do with, I did what a lot of black educated bougie chicks did in the late 90s and early 2000s did: I bought a Coach purse. This was before Coach went down market and slapped their famous and well-known “C” logo on everything from shoes to belts to bucket hats. *sigh* Those were the days…

I may be bougie but I ain’t handbags were never purchased full price, always with a coupon and always from the outlet store. How you like me now?? And since two of my bags were the classic Coach full grain leather, I knew they would last a very long time. And they have. But they aren’t really my style anymore. And I have tons of cute, cheap purses that I carry at various times. So I thought I was done with my bag lust. I thought I was cured..

But I was NOT, YA’LL!!! I am still infected with the “want this purse real bad” disease.

And this, is the object of my desire:

Michael Kors Hamilton tote

I. want. that. bag. BAD.

It’s so weird though, I haven’t wanted a purse in so long. But I follow fashion blogger, Economy of Style, and she has the tan colored one and it is BOSS. It’s just the right size and it has a shoulder strap too. It would carry all of my crap with style and grace. But ya’ll….The price tag: $348. (Pause. Take a breath. Let it out, slowly.)

I haven’t paid that much for a like..EVER.

So, what I thought maybe I would do is sell my Coach bags to help finance the Michael Kors bag. After all, buying vintage is what is on-trend, right?? My bags are in good shape and with a good wipe down with some leather conditioner will be looking brand new(ish).

So here are my Coach bags for your do they look to you? How much should I try to sell them for? Where do I sell them at??


Brown leather shoulder strap bag.


Black pebbled leather hobo.


Black microfiber hobo trimmed in leather.

I’m taking all suggestions in the comment section. After all, what’s old is always new again, right?

14 thoughts on “Vintage

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  2. A vintage coach bag from the 80s would sell on ebay, of course.

    I have not wanted to buy a Coach bag since they went downmarket and started selling low-priced bags at their outlet store. Every woman in my city, rich, poor or in between has a Coach bag now. So the bag looks less attractive, less status-y now. I’d rather have a Tory Burch bag.

  3. That’s a nice bag. I want one. Do you ever check out this site? This woman is so ON IT that it’s not even funny. Every now and then I can afford one piece she’s wearing. LOL

  4. How much are you selling the brown one for? I like to get my daughter the smaller ones.

  5. I sold all my sold all my vintage coach bags on ebay.

  6. ebay. maybe give a discount if someone wants to buy them all.

  7. If you know anyone that is in the military, run to an Exchange with them! I have that bag and got it for under $200. It was the last one.

  8. I keep all of my c, bags in a bin in the closet and recycle. That MK bag is pretty nice – have you checked TJX?

  9. I have that MK Hamilton bag in ORANGE!!!! It is big and bright and I LOVE IT! I had to have it after lusting after it for months. Check Macy’s and the MK Stores, this bag was on sale, only certain colors though. The Olive green and the brown were on sale a few months ago for $189. I got ready to buy another one just because of the price.

    Sell your Coaches on Ebay or Craiglist. I would set the price based on what similar bags are selling for.

  10. I have some Dooney bags I’m trying to get rid of. I can’t be bothered with the eBay/Craigslist route. *sigh* Are there any consignment shops in your area?

  11. EBay? That’s all I got. Good luck!!

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