Let’s Go Tapas!


I’d been wanting to try this place ever since Myron found out it about from one of his FB friends a few weeks ago. We had some time to kill before heading to a birthday happy hour for a friend of ours so we decided to have a little Tuesday night dinner date last night.



They had some awesome artwork on the wall that I had to get a couple of snaps of with my phone.

But the best part is coming up: the food!


I started out with a mini bottle of Cristalino Cava, a fabulous slightly dry sparking wine.image

Then, I went IN on the tapas menu! Above is fried goat cheese balls in a spicy honey drizzle with friend onion strings.


Brought to the table sizzling hot, was gambas de ajillo or shrimp in garlic butter with red pepper flakes.


Next up was tenderloin skewers with red peppers and onions with saffron rice and a tomato cream drizzle.


Last but not least, potato cake layered with manchego cheese and chorizo.

Myron had a paella STUFFED to the brim with mussels, shrimp, chicken, scallops and sausage. I went a little overboard on the tapas menu and I was stuffed when I left but it was so tasty!

If you are in Houston, I can strongly recommend Andalucia in the Houston Pavilions! http://www.andaluciatapas.com/

You should go there. NOW.


11 thoughts on “Let’s Go Tapas!

  1. This post made me so hungry! Soon, I’ll be able to visit the places you recommend. I am so excited.

  2. I LOVE tapas – yummy!

  3. Girl, yessssss!!! I will be making a trip to Houston in the coming weeks. I am SO putting this on the “to do” list. I am a STAN for goat cheese! Thanks for the review!

  4. I need those goat cheese balls in my life. Tangy, sweet, crunchy – you’re going to make me take a drive!

  5. I’m a sucka for the skrimps!!!! And goat cheese?!?! *swoons*

  6. Woman! It’s way too early in the morning for pictures that yummy looking. Seriously. *lol* Wishing I was in Houston!

  7. OMG! This looks SO good! I have to stop reading your food posts! *drools*

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