Samsung Galaxy Tab Hands On: Part 2



Here are a few pictures of the tab sitting in the keyboard dock that I ordered. It’s about the size of a netbook. The keyboard is very sturdy and sits flat easily. It will be good for blogging or tweeting during an awards show!  Lolololol!

The keyboard dock will also let you plug in the charger and power up through the dock as opposed to plugging the tablet directly into the wall. Cool, huh?

3 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Tab Hands On: Part 2

  1. Wait, I didn’t know this was an option. I have the Samsung tablet but did not know there was a keyboard for it. I will have to look into that. Thanks!

  2. Love your dock! I need one for my iPad!

  3. You’re going to make me get one of these. I’m over my netbook and still need something I can toss in my purse. I’m going back and forth between this and the Acer table.

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