Which Tablet To Buy???

#FirstWorldProblems - Which tablet to purchase!

So I want a tablet. I don’t have a particular need for one, I just want one. I’ll be paying for the majority of it with “free” money due to getting $130 in gift cards from Best Buy through my Chase Reward points and an additional $100 coming from the State of Texas Unclaimed Funds (my housing deposit from college 20 years ago!).

I have a Nook Color that I use as a modified Android tablet now, but I’d like something bigger, ideally between 8-10 inches that I could  use as a laptop replacement/supplement. My laptop is still in good shape, but it’s 3 years old and since I do more  data consumption than data creation on it, I figured I’d get a tablet that’s not as heavy or bulky, that travels better.

So of course, I’ve been doing my research and the choices boil down to an iPad versus everything else. I have an Android phone and think that the platform allows for more flexibility in customization than Apple, but it seems that Apple has more apps that are optimized for tablets than Android. The other thing about Android tablets that I like is the fact that most of them have expandable memory via SD card and that the apps I already have could be used on my phone as well as my tablet. Another plus for Apple is the sheer volume of aftermarket accessories available and also Apple has really good customer service.

These are the Android tablets I’m considering: The Acer A200 – $350 with an upgrade to ICS (Android 4.0 in February). The Acer A500 – was $450, now $299 (runs Android 3.2, not sure if software update is coming). And then there’s the iPad2, with a base price of $499, running iOS 5.0 and rumors of a new model coming in March 2012.

I have to admit price is a consideration. If I can get a tablet to do all the things I need it to do, then why would I want to pay more for it to do so. I’m not an Apple or Android stan. And I don’t mind being in a mixed platform marriage either. LOL!!

I’m not interested in defaulting to just getting an iPad just because it’s the most popular gadget out there. If I’m going to pull the trigger on a purchase that I will be using for at least a couple years, I want to make sure I’m getting a device I really enjoy.

Thoughts, comments, questions??


18 thoughts on “Which Tablet To Buy???

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  2. I’m the frugal sort but I love my Samsung phone. Whenver I get a tablet, it will be android something. Hubby has an iPad and he loves it.

  3. You know what I got thanks to you. LOL. My tech guy loves his Samsung Galaxy. He has the ten inch screen.

  4. Im a Android lover. So I say go for anything that has that! LOL

  5. Hey! Is the $499 price tag for the iPad the highest you’re willing to go? If not, check out the Motorola Xoom tablet. It’s a 10″ Android tablet that is also expandable; it also has an HD port so it can be hooked up to a TV or laptop. It comes in WiFi only or you can get a data plan for it. That’s what I want when I finally get one.

  6. Well, you know I got that iPad yo and I’m hooked! I haven’t used my laptop or beloved Nook in weeks.

  7. one of my girls just got one of those tablets. she loves hers.. let me find out the name and I’ll shoot it to ya. she even got a case with a keyboard LOL

  8. I am NOT a techie…E is the techhead in our house. He got me an Acer last year, not sure if it’s 200 or 500 and I LOVE that joint!

  9. It goes without saying that I’m not a techie. I have an Acer 100 and I love it. All I do on it is read, watch movies, read blogs and use Twitter. It’s great for all of that, anything else, I don’t know. I’m happy with 7 inches 😉

  10. As a person who won a Blackberry Playbook in a contest last year, I say steer clear of it. It’s a cool tablet to use but it doesn’t have a native email or any other native apps (outside of FB for the BB Playbook).

    My vote is for the Acer A200.

  11. I don’t have a tablet, but the kids do (don’t get me started on that one..LOL). I have heard GREAT things about both of the Acers you mentioned. I have to admit though, I have sipped the Apple kool-aid and will probably get the new iPad.

  12. I have the Samsung tablet which is an android tablet. I love it. It’s a Nook, laptop, and so many other things all in one.

  13. I’m leaning toward one of the Acer models. I wanted the Vizio one but found out they were pulled due to memory issues.

    • When I looked (and I am constantly looking) I think iPad is still the best option. Yes…it’s more expensive but it still appears to be the best with apps, optimized websites etc. make sure whatever you get has 3/4G! I know someone with a Fire who is constantly complaining about relying in wireless.

      iPad can be heavy but everytime I think about selling and getting something else, I read reviews and stick with IPad. Most people opt not to get iPad because of price not because of its quality.

  14. I mo platforms as well…dell laptop…iPhone4 and the IPad2…I have played with some other tablets and have to say I love my IPad2…it is def the way to go :)…I’d advise going into the store and playing with each

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