We Fancy



Yeah, I know it’s just stuff. But when you have been sitting on a old broke down, stained, and beat up couch and love seat for nearly TEN years, like I (we) have…well, you’ll just have to forgive me for enjoying the ESCTASY of new, firm, sectional GOODNESS. I rolled around on that sectional like a newly freed slave.

Myron was wide eyed and gazed like a little child at  the 47 inches of High Definition that sat before him. *cue angels singing and bright lights*

I think I cabbage patched around the entire living room! We got new furniture ya’ll! LMAO!!

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15 thoughts on “We Fancy

  1. I love it! A sectional is on my “list”

  2. LMAO I love it!!! I’m eyeing a sectional myself.. just trying to decide WHERE to put it!

  3. Love your sectional! Tell Mr. Mack to enjoy that TV! A new TV is next on our list!

  4. Y’all are definitely fancy! I wish we had the space for a sectional in our apartment. I like that TV stand!

  5. I love sectionals, though I have never owned one. LOL So glad you are enjoying it!

  6. Girl, you have every right to feel a little fancy. Those upgrades can make you feel brand new! Congrats on your new stuff 🙂

  7. WOOHOO! Congrats! Enjoy it! Just in time for game day!

  8. I love the neutral colors of the furniture. I also like your webpage background.

  9. Ya’ll real fancy and stuff! I’d be sprawled all across that thing. It would be OVER on the weekend.

  10. Baby! There is NOTHING like new furniture! Roll on Boo…Roll ON! lolol

  11. We just got some “new” to us stuff and I love my living/dining room now. I’ll have to post pics.

  12. OMG, I used to have a sectional very similar to that. EVERYONE, I mean everyone would end up falling asleep on it b/c it was THAT comfy. I called it the “Bat Cave”. Unfortunately, I have a regular couch now but I sure miss my sectional and the naps that came along w/ it. I’m looking to get a new TV this weekend, myself. YAY!!

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