My Downfall


These shits right here are the devil incarnate. I won’t tell you how I embarrassed my husband last week at the grocery store by running to the candy aisle much like a lopsided crackhead….for an 8 pack of these things. *hangs head in shame*

Good thing they only make them once a year!

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9 thoughts on “My Downfall

  1. It is good to have little indulgences every now and then.


  3. OH Lawd…..a lopsided crack head. ROFL!!!!!!!

    Sweet tarts
    Lemonhead and friends
    now & laters

    I’m so far passed shame…….

  4. LOL Candy corn is my weakness.

  5. Man, I love those things! The only thing that stopped me from buying a bag last night – yeah, I said bag – and eating the whole thing is this fast I’m on. I used to think “we” ate them quickly until my husband and child told me they don’t like them. Apparently I am we. Oops.

    I hit the markdown sales like a fiend.

  6. Not a lopsided crack head! LMAO!!!

  7. My tastebuds rejected those things early on in life. I’ve never met a sweet tart I didn’t like though.

  8. Dont feel bad, I like them too. stock up after Valentines day when they are 50% and 75% off.

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