There is a gas station around the corner from our townhouse that we stop by frequently to gas up or grab some beer on the way home. It’s constantly busy because the gas prices are at least 10 cents cheaper than the station across the street it and it also has a RedBox that gets frequent use from the many apartment residents that live nearby.

Unfortunately over the last few years, because it is such a high traffic area, this store has attracted more and more panhandlers. And they are becoming more and more aggressive. The store employees call the police and they come by and sit for a little while but eventually they must move on to other pressing matters (like robberies and the like) and so when they leave, the panhandlers come right back.

The straw that broke the camel’s back for me happened a few weeks back, when I stopped there on my way home to grab some beer for Myron (and pralines for myself…they have the BEST pralines, yo!) and I got approached by a dude trying to sell me something. Folks are always out there hustling, so I told him I wasn’t interested and went on in the store. I came back out, dude comes back up to me AGAIN, and follows me to my car and really scared me. I cussed  him out, got in the car and went home and told Myron. I had to physically restrain my husband from going back up there, but I told him I wasn’t going back up there alone anymore. Period.

Apparently, they have annoyed my husband to the point of no return as well. A few days ago, Myron stopped by the store for a quick beer run and as usual, was approached by a beggar trying to sell something or other. Myron responded with his usual statement: “I don’t carry cash/Don’t want what you’re selling.” He goes on in the store to shop. While standing in line, the beggar dude COMES IN THE STORE and starts harassing my husband as he is standing in line trying to pay for his stuff. WDDDA??? At this point, Myron has to get loud with dude to get him to back up off of him and then dude catches an attitude.


Oh before I forget, an honorable mention goes out to the dude who asked Myron for a dollar on another occasion and then when he couldn’t get a dollar, asked Myron for one of his beers. *sigh*

So we are going to take a break from the Valero corner store for a while cause the beggars are just totally out of control and running amuck over there. I realize times are hard, but damn!

Do you give money to panhandlers? Are they real aggressive where you live?

14 thoughts on “Panhandled

  1. I’m with Kayla. Sometimes I give, sometimes I don’t. It’s that “feeling” that leads me. There was one guy that was sitting at the light with his sign, not bothering anyone. I rolled up and gave him $5. The next day I am coming home, dude is in his ‘lectric wheel chair in traffic, at night, in a dark jacket. Scared the beejeebees out of me. Then he had the nerve to roll up right to my left bumper and when I nodded no, that fool nodded yes. OH HELL NO!! I know for sure I had $3 sitting in my cubby and he didn’t get a dime.

  2. I don’t give money or food to panhandlers. Color me skeptical.

    I had one guy ask me for some money once and I told him I don’t have any cash. So he starts quoting Scripture…”silver and gold I have not…”

    I let him finish and stated, “the Bible says if a man don’t work, he don’t eat!” LOL

    If you can quote Scriptures, you can cut some grass, wash my car or something to earn your keep.

  3. I see them in the city and some areas I like to visit. They are usually on the medians at traffic lights with signs. If I have it and it’s in me to give, I will, but if I don’t feel good about it, I won’t.

  4. I live in the countryish County, so there aren’t any panhandlers around. When I’m in DC I can usually spot them before they spot me. I try to cross the street or avoid contact. Not nice but after all these years I just can’t anymore.

    Now in Philly….those cats are gangsta! Went to get some cheese steaks to bringback to the DMV. I had $20 in my hand. Dude asks me to buy him one. Well cheese steaks cost $5 +. Dude tells me that before I fix my face to say no..he can see that I have cash so I shouldn’t be so stingy!!!!!! GANGSTA.

  5. Never. I encountered too many scam artists posing as panhandlers growing up in NY to ever believe anyone’s sob story. I really only run into them here at one gas station. I don’t gas up there (prices are crazy), but the candy selection is ridiculous so once a month when the cravings hit, I stop by. My premenstrual snarl is as agressive as any Georgia panhandler, so they typically leave me alone.

  6. I have given money to some panhandlers, especially if they are polite and do not invade my personal space. For others, I buy a meal. Even if it’s just a Happy Meal, or some chicken and a drink, I hope it helps.

    I have had the experience where I bought this guy food instead of giving him money and watched him throw away the food in my rear-view mirror. SMH…

  7. When I lived in NY I didn’t.. but there was one I would buy breakfast or give him a sandwich from time to time. He was always very appreciative for the food.. he wasn’t really looking for money.

    Since moving to the DMV i’ve only encountered them in the city or in baltimore and since I’m in my car I just keep the windows rolled up and look the other way. the one that knocked on my car window scared the crap outta me but I guess the look I gave him scared him more.

  8. I used to work at the Salvation Army Shelter and the residents would tell me how much money they would make from panhandling. Let’s just say they shouldn’t have been living in a shelter making that much money but that’s when I decided I wouldn’t give cash to anyone.

    Plus its creepy. Stay away!

  9. Sometimes I give to the guys on the side of the road because I keep money in my ashtray. I don’t give to folks that walk up on me, unless I happen to have cash in my hand. I never go in my purse to get it.

    I have to agree with the others, a strange man walking up to my car when I’m alone gets an immediate no. My nerves are bad, so when I get startled I get cranky.

  10. I try to avoid them. They scare the mess out of me when they come up out of nowhere or stick a hand in my car window. That will get them hurt.

  11. Don’t nothing run me hotter than a strange dirty ass man walking all up on me talmbout can he have a dollar. Get the f*** back away from me hell!

    I did have to chuckle a little though when I was in the McDonalds drive-thru to get a peppermint hot chocolate and all I had on me was enough to get the drink. This man came up — not too close, just close enough so that I could hear him — and said, miss ma’am, can I have 50 cents? I said, I don’t have any change, I’m sorry. He said are you sure? I looked in my change thing to be sure, I said, only pennies. He said, well at least you looked. Thank you miss ma’am. Then he walked off. As I drove through the line I decided I would use my debit card to pay for the drink and give him my little money I had.

  12. Unless I go into the city, I NEVER see panhandlers in the ‘burbs. Once this year there was a person at my gas station I always frequent that was asking for gas money. He was passing through because his license plate wasn’t from my county. But that’s about it.

  13. If I have it, I usually give it. We don’t have any where we live – I think if I were approached regularly I’d become desensitized and give less frequently.

  14. I try to give whatever change I have handy to the folks I see on the regular as long as they are not aggressive and they don’t get too close to my personal space. I question the claim that many of them are truly homeless and not just running a con game, but I figure that I’ll give away what I can stand to spare and it’s on their conscience if they are lying.

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