A Box Of Blessings

My Blogland Secret Santa gift came a few days ago. Inside were lots of goodies!!! Wanna see??

The first thing I opened was this lovely card with this sweet note inside. I really appreciate that my Secret Santa enjoys reading my blog. I really appreciate that they took the time to write me a few words, too.


I then tore all up into the box! I received some “M” stickers, note cards and sticky notes! Now THAT’S thoughtful. I don’t have any thing on it with my new initials. These will most definitely come in handy!


But there’s MORE. Santa hooked me up with a scarf and a skully for my head. It gets windy on a sista working downtown. Plus, she slid in a little sweet treat!


And there’s EVEN more goodies! I can get my proper glam on with a new eye palette, some fly earrings and a sparkly bracelet. Did I mention I like sparkly?? Yasssssssssss!!!!!


Santa, you outdid yourself, for real. Thank you soooooo much!! Thank you for reading my blog and thank you for this box of blessings!

(And I have absolutely no clue whatsoever who my Santa is, but I will take a guess and say it’s Alia! Am I right?)

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6 thoughts on “A Box Of Blessings

  1. Santa hooked you up! Hope you guys enjoyed your holiday.

  2. NICE! You got some great gifts! Good job Secret Santa!

  3. Very thoughtful gift indeed 🙂

  4. Nice!!! Your Secret Santa did a great job!!!

  5. You got some great gifts, but nope, it wasn’t me. This time we expect to see some makeup creations missy!

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