The Wish List

I’ve been thinking about what to suggest to my Secret Santa this year, but it’s been hard. For the first time EVAR, I don’t know what I want for Christmas!!! *SHOCKER*

I mean it’s probably unlikely that my Secret Santa will bring me this:

Can a sista get that iPad 2 though??

Or perhaps Santa might drop this off to your girl:

The Audi Q7 *swoon*

Oh, so ya’ll think I might be reaching with those gift suggestions, huh?? Or just on crack.

Well how about these, just in case you are reading Santa:

  • I would love a scarf in a cute print like these.
  • This wristlet is too cute and that red really pops!
  • It’s the holidays, so bedazzlement is in order. I like earrings too!
  • The case on my Nook Color is looking a tad beat up and this one comes in several colors.

Santa, please keep in mind the links are ONLY suggestions and I would be grateful and appreciative of whatever you leave under the tree!!!


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