A Tree Grows In Houston





This is our third Christmas together, our second as a married couple and our first Christmas tree. All we need now is a few more lights and ornaments at the bottom and a tree skirt. This definitely has put me in a holiday mood. (And fake trees shed more than real ones!!!) Are ya’ll ready for Christmas???

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10 thoughts on “A Tree Grows In Houston

  1. Allen was trying to pull the tree and all the trimmings out on Friday right after Thanksgiving!!! HUH?
    I told him that we have to at least wait until December 1. I just made that up to stall. LOL

    Now that I see your pretty tree, I guess I’m ready to indulge in the decorating frenzy. 🙂

  2. I have not decorated for Christmas in forever. I am excited about going shopping this weekend for my angle tree adoptee. That is going to be so much fun.

  3. That tree looks really good. #Motivated

  4. Pretty!! Aren’t those trees messy? I’ve read\heard the same about real trees though. Don’t even get me started on the mess those glittery concoctions we decorate the tree with leave. I swear I vacuumed for (what seemed like) hours after we got done putting it up.

  5. Nice tree guys!! I’m feeling great and we’re in the spirit but I haven’t even though about putting the tree up yet. Maybe next weekend.

  6. Awwww… beautiful tree. We’ll start decorating in the next two weeks.

  7. I’m ready, but a little scared to pull the tree out. I don’t have space to store the tree inside, so it’s been sitting on my balcony. It’s been in a tree bag, so it could be all good or very bad. I’ll look this weekend.

  8. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Nice tree Tiffany!!!

  9. Beautiful tree!!!

  10. Not at all. I haven’t had the Christmas spirit in years. It was different when I was a kid. As an adult I’m focused on the financial aspect of it 🙂

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